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Hip/Pelvis Positions

RAD Positioning

Bones that make up the PELVIS Rt. and Lt. Hip bone, sacrum, coccyx
TRUE or FALSE: The intertrochanteric crest is on the posterior aspect of the proximal femur TRUE
Three parts of each hip bone Ilium, Ischium and Pubis
Area where the 3 parts of the hip bone fuse Acetabulum
TRUE or FALSE: The Ischium is anterior to the pubis FALSE
Rotation required to place the femoral neck parallel to the IR 15-20 degrees
Makes up the symphysis pubis The superior rami of the pubis
What divides the greater and lesser pelvis? Pelvic Brim
TRUE or FALSE: The lesser pelvis forms the birth canal in women TRUE
The angle of the pubic arch in men <90
The synovial, amphiarthrodial joint(s) of the pelvis SI Joints
Hip routine AP Pelvis, Frog Lateral
What should NOT be visible on a properly positioned AP Hip or Pelvis Lesser Trochanters
Classic hip fracture sign Out turned foot
Structure that must be included on a proximal femur Hip joint
CR for the AP Pelvis Between the ASIS and pubic symphysis and on the MSP
Best demonstrates pubic and ischial bones Taylor method, Outlet Projection-20-45 degrees cephalad
Method that bests demonstrates the acetabulum Judet
Method demonstrating a trauma hip Danelius-Miller Method
Placement of the IR for the Axiolateral Hip Parallel to the femoral neck
Position best demonstrating a lateral proximal femur Frog Lateral Hip-Modified Cleaves Method
Method employed for bilateral hip trauma Clements-Nakayama
Created by: EHodgis