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Apparel and Design

Review for final state test

What is cotton made from? Cotton is made from the cotton plant
What are three characteristics of cotton? Cotton is absorbent, comfortable, and durable.
What are the four natural fibers? The four natural fibers are silk, cotton, wool, and linen.
What fiber is made from the flax plant? Linen is made from the flax plant.
What are three characteristics for linen? Linen is quick drying, it wrinkles, and it's absorbent.
What is the laundering care for wool? Wool needs to be dry cleaned or washed in cold water and dried on a flat surface.
Which natural fibers wrinkle? Cotton and linen both wrinkle.
What describes fabric construction? Fibers to yarn to fabric
Which natural fibers need to be dry cleaned? Both wool and silk require dry cleaning.
Where do natural fibers come from? Natural fibers come from plants and animals.
How are synthetic (man made) fibers made? Synthetic fibers are made from chemical compounds.
What is one quality every synthetic fiber has? Every synthetic fiber is heat sensitive.
What is one characteristic all natural fibers have in common? All natural fibers are more expensive.
What synthetic fiber is the strongest and water repellent? Nylon
Which fiber is wrinkle resistant, is the most popular, and retains oily stains? Polyester
Which fabric resembles wool and is non absorbent? Acrylic
Which fabric comes from tree pulp, was the first man made material, and is not very strong? Rayon
What are three qualities and cares for spandex? High performance, should avoid chlorine, and stretches.
Which fabric resembles silk, is very weak, and has a high luster. Acetate
What is a blended fiber? A blended fiber is a combination of two or more fibers to get the best characteristics of each.
What is the most popular blended fiber? Cotton/Polyester
Why should you buy more one way pring fabric? To ensure that the fabric is cut and sewn going all the same direction.
What sets a stain? Heat
When should you treat a stain? Immediately
What happens when you leave fabric out in the sun? It falls apart
What is the correct stain removal for ball point pen? Spray with hairspray, blot with paper towel, rub detergent in area, and launder.
What should you do if you get gum on your clothing? Put ice on the gum
What should you do to treat a blood stain? Soak in cold water for 30 minutes and launder.
What type of fabric is made by two or more yarns interlocking each other at right angles? Woven fabric
What type of fabric is made by continuous interlocking of yarn loops? Knit fabric
What type of fabric is made by many fibers matted together and set with heat and moisture? Non-woven fabric
How big should an edge stitch be? 1/8"
How big should a top stitch be? 1/4"
What is the button hole formula? Diameter+Depth/Thickness= Button Hole
What are 5 ways to finish a seam? Zigzagged, trimmed, clean finish, pinked, and surged
What are three types of zippers? Centered, lapped, and invisible
What is everything but the fabric called? Notions
What are line sketches of each pattern piece used in the garment and where are they? They're called pattern pieces and they are on the envelope.
What is the purpose of symbols on a pattern? They tell you exactly where to sew when you're stitching two pieces together.
What is extra room in clothing for clothing and fashion called? Built in ease
What is the bias? The diagonal across a pattern
Created by: valerielott11