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Nervous System

Astrocytes Found in CNS Control chemical environment of brain Clean up leaked K+ ions Recapture released neurotransmitters
Microglia Found in CNS Monitor neuron health Dispose of debris
Ependymal Cells Found in CNS Circulate CSF with cilia Cushion CNS
Oligodendrocytes Found in CNS Create myelin sheath
Schwann Cells Found in PNS Form myelin sheath
Satellite Cells Found in PNS Act as cushioning to protect cells
Dendrites Convey messages toward the cell
Axons Convey messages away from the cell
Tract Bundle of nerve fibers in the CNS
Nerves Bundle of nerve fibers in the PNS
What are the four major regions of the brain? Cerebral Hemispheres Diencephalon Brain Stem Cerebellum
Cerebral Cortex Speech Memory Logic Emotional Response Consciousness Sensation Voluntary Movement
Primary Somatic Sensory Area In parietal lobe Senses pain, coldness and light touch
Occipital Lobe Vision
Temporal Lobe Olfactory
Frontal Lobe Primary motor area
Broca's Area Very involved in speech Only found in one hemisphere, usually left
Anterior Frontal Lobe Intellectual reasoning Socially Acceptable Behaviors
Posterior Association Area Recognizes faces and patterns Also a speech center Only found in one hemisphere
Diencephalon Encased by cerebral hemispheres Contains: Epithalmus Thalmus Hypothalmus
Thalmus Acts as relay center for sensory impulses passing upwards to sensory cortex
Hypothalmus Regulates body temperature, water balance, metabolism Also center of drives and emotions
Epithalmus Forms roof of 3rd ventricle Contains pineal gland and choroid plexuses of 3rd ventricle
Choroid Plexuses Forms CSF
The Brain Stem Consists of: Midbrain Pons Medulla Oblongata
Midbrain Contains reflex centers involved with vision and hearing
Pons Plays important role in respiration Means "bridge" Most fiber tracts found here
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