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UE Ortho

Shoulder Biomechanics A

What are the joints of the shoulder?(4 from articulate) Scapulothoracic, SC, AC, Glenohumeral
The combination of scapular, clavicular, and humeral motions that occur when the arm is raised in flexion, abduction, or any of the planes in between is called what? Elevation
What are the primary motions of the scapula? elevation/depresison, add/abduction, up/downward rotation
What are the secondary motions of the scapula? tipping and winging
What motion results in the inferior angle of the scapula moving posteriorly and the superior border moving anteriorly? tipping
What motion results in the posterior displacement of the vertebral border of the scapula? winging
What are the functions of the scapula?(3) 1. orient the glenoid fossa, 2. increase ROM of arm, 3. stable base for humeral head
What kind of joint is the SC joint? synovial joint
How many degrees of freedom does the SC joint have? 3(elevation/depression, pro/retraction, rotation)
In the superior/inferior direction the clavicle is _______, in the anterior/posterior direction the clavicle is ________. convex, concave
During clavicular elevation, what is the direction of the roll and glide? roll=upward, glide=downward
During clavicular depression, what is the direction of the roll and glide? roll=downward, glide=upward
During clavicular protraction, what is the direction of the roll and glide? roll=anterior, glide=anterior
During clavicular retraction, what is the direction of the roll and glide? roll=posterior, glide=posterior
What are the ligaments of the SC joint? anterior/posterior SC ligs, interclavicular lig, costoclavicular lig.
What is the function of the anterior/posterior SC ligs? they check A/P motion of clavicle
What is the function of the interclavicular lig? to check inferior glide of clavicle, protecting brachial plexus and subclavian artery(they travel between the clavicle and 1st rib)
What is the function of the costclavicular lig? to check superior glide
Is the costoclavicular lig strong or weak? very strong
What are the functions of the SC disk? it provides a pivot point, absorbs forces, increases congruence
The clavicle only rotates ______ from its resting position. posteriorly
What is the open-packed position of the SC joint? arm at side
What is the closed-packed position of the SC joint? full elevation
A capsular pattern of the SC joint would result in a limitation in what motion? full elevation
What kind of joint is the AC joint? plane synovial
Is the acromion concave or convex at the AC joint? concave
Is the clavicle concave or convex at the AC joint? convex
How many degrees of freedom does the AC joint have and what are they? 3, winging, tiping, rotation
What is the function of the AC joint? to maintain the relationship between the clavicle and scapula in early elevation, and to allow scapular rotation on the thorax in late elevation.
Is there a lot of motion available at the AC joint? no, small amount
Does the AC joint have a strong capsule? no
What two ligaments make up the capsule for the AC joint? superior/inferior AC ligs
What are the ligaments of the AC joint? superior/inferior AC ligs, and the coracoclavicular ligs(conoid and trapezoid)
What strengthens the weak AC joint capsule? superior and inferior AC ligs
Where is the AC joint the strongest? superiorly(due to muscle attachments)
AC joint integrity is maintained primarily by what ligaments? coracoclavicular ligaments
Are the coracoclavicular ligaments strong? yes, extremely strong
What ligaments produce longitudinal rotation of the clavicle required for full elevation, and check upward rotation of the scapula? coracoclavicular ligaments
What ligaments are typically ruptured with a shoulder separation? coracoclavicular ligaments
What is the closed packed position for the AC joint? arm at 90 degrees of abduction
A capsular pattern of the AC joint results in a limitation of what motion? full elevation(same as SC joint)
What is the open packed position for the AC joint? arm at side
Created by: txst fall 2009
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