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Q1 Post Test Review

A review of the physical science concepts from Q1

What is magnetism? A non-contact force that forms around magnetic materials and attracts or repels.
What is gravity? A non-contact force that happens around ALL objects with mass.
Describe how the force of gravity changes. The closer something is, the more gravity it has. The more mass something has, the more gravity it has.
In the real world, things stop, they don't move forever. Why doesn't Newton's first law work? On earth, energy is lost due to unbalanced forces like friction and air resistance that are working on objects.
How do we figure out the speed of something? distance divided by time gives us speed (D/T=speed)
Speed is how fast you are moving
Velocity is your speed AND direction
What does a motor do? change electrical energy to mechanical energy using an electromagnet
What does a generator do? change physical energy into electrical energy using electromagnets
If something is not changing direction (it is moving without changing or it is sitting still) the forces are balanced
If something is speeding up, slowing down, or turning the forces are unbalanced
A car drives down the road. From whose reference point is the car not moving? someone in the car
A car drives down the road. From whose reference point is the car moving? someone outside of the car
When does gravity act on objects all objects are impacted by gravity all of the time
An object's ______________ is the force of gravity pulling on the object. weight
As object's ______________ does not change with gravity. mass
If an object is moving in a straight line at a uniform speed, what can change its direction? unbalanced force
Animals get energy to move and live from chemical potential energy in food
Name one factor that changes the amount of electrical charge distance
Electrical charges have the greatest potential energy when they are close together
What changes the amount of magnetic force? The distance from the magnet.
Name 2 things that can change the amount of gravitational potential energy. mass and height
When is gravitational potential energy high? When an object is farthest from the ground.
An apple falls out of a tree, from whose reference point is the apple moving away? Someone in the tree.
another word for magnitude is strength
_______________ slows objects down friction
Electrical force changes due to the charges of the particles and the distance between the particles
Jupiter is not touching the sun. Why is the Sun able to apply force to Jupiter? Gravity is a non-contact force that can act over a distance.
What keeps all of the planets orbiting around the Sun? Gravity, a non-contact force
You get socks out of the dryer. The socks have a negative charge, and your pants have a positive charge. What might happen? Socks will stick to your pants.
To give something more elastic potential energy you should stretch it lots
What type of energy is a pile of logs? chemical potential energy.
Stored energy is called potential energy.
Created by: MsLW