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Influences and Challenges

What was the dominating influence on the education of the young during the colonial period? Religion
Who were the first teachers during the colonial period? Preachers
What was the landmark legislation,in 1647,that initiated the first effort in public education? Old Deluder Satan Act
What did the Puritans in the New England Colonies believe about children? Believed children were naturally sinful and morally corupt.
The children of this time were to learn to read this to help them frustrate the devil? Puritans of New England during the Colonial Period/Bible
What was the period in America called when the early settlers from western Europe came over? The Colonial Period
What law was the beginning of public education as we know it? Old Deluder Satan Act
They were harsh disciplinarians in the New England Colonies? Puritans
What was the purpose of the purpose of education in the New England Colonies? To help children become socially and economically useful.
What were the feelings of the New England Colonies regarding play? Play was worthless and made children lazy.
He was known as "The Father of American Education"? Horace Mann
As Massachusetts state Senator, Horace Mann, signed into law a bill that created the first what in the United States? State Board of Education
In 1839, Horace Mann established this milestone in education? The first school for teacher education in the US.
Horace Mann was known for advocating several things during his life, what are some of them? Common public education, trained professional teachers, education should be available to all citizens, regardless of race or stature.
Horace Mann accomplished two important milestones in Massachusetts, what were they? Built 50 new schools and increased teacher salaries by 50%.
During the Nationalist Period, what replaced the dominance of religion in education? Patriotism
What period did graded schools replace one-room schoolhouses? The Nationalist Period
The Nationalist Period brought with it the expansion of the curriculum to now included what? History, geography, physiology, composition, agriculture, music and drawing. These were added to reading, writing, spelling, and arithmetic.
Several new schools were created during the Nationalist Period, what were they? Kindergartens were established, normal schools were established, and in-service institutes were developed.
During what time period were textbooks published in the US? The Nationalist Period
During the Modern Era federally funded programs increased, name them? School lunch and special education.
What changed about school building during the Modern Era? The changed from two and three story buildings to one level building.
During what era did kindergarten enrollment increase and elementary schools become larger(600+students)? The Modern Era
What happened to the elementary curriculum during the Modern Era? It was consolidated into broader fields of study.
During what era did school districts hire greater numbers of unmarried female teachers? The Modern and Postmodern Era
During the Modern/Postmodern Era a new school level so created, what was it? Middle school
The Modern/Postmodern Era brought the influence of teaching methodology and evaluation of teaching by this? Behaviorist
What did cognitive psychology influence during the Modern/Postmodern Era? The constructivist perspective of learning.
The idea of national standards was introduced dring this era? Modern/Postmodern Era
Child-centered movement, cultural literacy, and multicultural education gained attention and became topics of debate during this time period? Modern/Postmodern era
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