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EU/UN review

Review of the key concepts of the United Nations and European Union

Which country voted to leave the European Union in 2016? United Kingdom
Which branch of the United Nations allows each of its 193 members 1 vote? General Assembly
Which branch of the United Nations has five permanent members that have veto power over all resolutions? Security Council
What international crisis helped lead to the creation of the United Nations AND the European Union? World War II
The area of Europe that has open borders and no passport checks between countries is known as what? The Schengen
Which branch of the United Nations is responsible for prosecuting international law violations? International Court of Justice
Currency used by many (but not all) members of the European Union. The Euro
EU country whose financial crisis happened due to overspending and being unable to pay off their debts. Greece
The "official mechanism" established that allows countries to leave the European Union. Article 50
A country's right to govern itself. Sovereignty
The organization created before the United Nations that fell apart during World War II The League of Nations
Where is the United Nations Headquarters located? New York City
Which Northern European country has never been a part of the European Union? Norway
Document created in 1948 by the UN to ensure basic human equality for all. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Created by: avoigt