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Unit 1 / 7th Grade

A feature article that appears regularly in a newspaper or magazine. column
A device for transporting passengers, goods, equipment, etc. vehicle
Of or relating to autumn. autumnal
A person who writes a column for a newspaper or magazine. columnist
To give up or quit. resign
To draw up plans for something, especially by means of sketches or drawings. design
Of or relating to a vehicle or vehicles. vehicular
Something, usually money, owed by one person to another. debt
The act of giving up, leaving or retiring from a position. resignation
To be uncertain or unsure about. doubt
A person who inherits or is legally entitled to inherit the property, rank, title or office of another. heir
Doubtful; uncertain. dubious
To move or act swiftly; hurried. hasten
Having strong, well-developed muscles. muscular
To express strong disapproval of; denounce. condemn
Swiftness of motion or action; rapidity; a hurry. haste
Impressive; serious; grave. solemn
A type of body tissue composed of fibers that contract and relax to cause movement or exert force. muscle
To indicate or specify; point out; show. designate
To receive (property) from someone after he dies, usually as provided for in a will. inherit
The season between summer and winter, lasting from the autumnal equinox in late September to the winter solstice in late December. autumn
The condition or quality of being solemn; seriousness. solemnity
An expression of strong disapproval. condemnation
To charge a debt to and record in an account. debit
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