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Year 9 Health Ed

Revision for unit test

Myelination is... Insulating around nerve fibres that increase the speed of communication.
Is an illicit drug legal or illegal? Illegal
Are licit drugs legal for everyone? No, they are legal for people of a certain age and/or with a prescription
BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration
What is the BAC limit for a P-plate drive? 0.00
What are the 3-forms of cannabis? Marijuana, hashish and hashish oil
How does a depressant drug effect your central nervous system (CNS)? It slows down the messages to and from your brain
How does a stimulant drug effect your central nervous system (CNS)? It speeds up the messages to and from your brain
How does a hallucinogenic drug effect your central nervous system (CNS)? It distorts or mixes up messages to and from your brain
What type of drug is MDMA (Ecstasy) classified as? A stimulant and hallucinogen
What type of drug is alcohol classified as? A depressant
What type of drug are heroin an morphine classified as? Depressants, but these are also known as opiates.
How many grams of pure alcohol does a standard drink contain? 10 grams
What factors could influence the way that alcohol rises an individuals BAC? Body size, empty stomach/if they have eaten, body fat, gender and fatigue
Continued use of cannabis over a prolonged period of time might cause what condition? Drug-induced psychosis
What might Individuals who consume alcohol or who spend time with people be more likely to be the victim of? Abuse by another person affected by alcohol
What is the name of the chemical that gives Cannabis its depressant and sometimes hallucinogen effect called? THC - tetrahydrocannabinol
What is the name given to a highly addictive form of cocaine processed into a crystal ? Crack - Cocaine
What part of the brain is affected during a black out? The hypothalamus.
What is myelination? Reinforcing of important information in the brain.
What is the legal status of heroin? Illegal.
What affect does alcohol have on the Hypothalamus? Reduces the release of hormones that regulate water in the brain - leads to dehydration, head aches and body aches often associated with hangovers.
Molly is a street name for which drug? Ecstasy - MDMA
True or False, combining even small amounts of drugs can be more intoxicating than a large quantity of a single drug? True.
Which age group has the highest number of alcohol related admissions and deaths? 15 - 34 year olds
What is a dissociative drug? A drug that disconnects the user from their body and environment. They include; PCP, ketamine, dextromethorphan and salvia.
From November 1st 2001, what activity became illegal? Serve alcohol in a private home to anyone under 18, or at a bar or pub unless their parent or guardian has given permission
What does research indicates about that those who use Cannabis before the age of 18? They are at increased risk of long term dependance and tolerance for the substance. More likely to become addicted.
What is the scientific name of Ice? Crystal Methamphetamine.
What is one of the most concerning signs of cannabis? Feeling confused or not in control of one's actions.
What is a law? A legal rule or requirement enforced by the police, if you don't follow it you will get into trouble.
What is a guideline? An recommendation that you can follow if you choose.
What is alcohol made from? Fermenting different grains, vegetables and fruits
Alcohol affects the frontal lobes (pre-frontal cortex) of the brain by... Making a person feel more relaxed and reducing their inhibitions.
What is a psychoactive drug? A chemical substance that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness or behaviour. Also known as psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic.
Risks associated with drug induced 'black outs' are... Physical injury, rape, unprotected sex - STI's, fights, taking illicit drugs, overdose.
What is the role of the brain stem? Final checkpoint for information going between the body and the brain.
Being around drinkers or consuming alcohol puts you at greater risk... Abuse or assault by someone affected by alcohol.
What is needed if someone who has been dependant on alcohol withdraws from it? Support and medical supervision.
What causes the variety of colour, flavours and odours of alcoholic drinks? The ingredients used to make them.
If a person consumes a lot of alcohol in a short period it can result in... Blackouts, loss of consciousness or in severe cases coma and death (stop breathing) - this is because the CNS is severely depressed that vital functions cease.
What area of the body is dramatically affected by drugs? The CNS - central nervous system.
The number one concern for adolescents aged 15 - 19 is... Coping with stress.
What is another name for illicit drugs ? Narcotics or Psychoactive drugs - these are drugs affect a person's CNS. They act on the brain and can change a person's mood, thought process or behaviour.
Drugs that reduces or blocks pain receptors are called... Analgesics or anaesthetic.
Created by: smtaylor
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