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Warriors Terms

Here is a study guide of Warriors terms for ya

Crow-food Rotting food
Fresh-kill Recently killed prey
Fox dung An insult; stronger offence than mouse dung
Gathering A meeting that the Clans hold in peace at every full moon
Greencough Severe chest infection, which can be fatal in elders and young kits
Greenleaf Summer
Greenleaf Twolegplace A place where humans visit only in the summer (a campsite, resort, etc.)
Halfbridge A dock
Horseplace Fields and stables near the lake where half-tamed cats live
Housefolk A house cat's word for its humans
Kittypet A house cat
Leaf-bare Winter
Leaf-fall Fall/autumn
Loner Cat that lives peacefully on its own in one place but doesn't defend its territory
Monster Usually refers to human machines such as cars and bulldozers
Moonhigh The time of night when the moon is at its highest-often midnight
Mouse-brained Not very smart
Mouse dung An insult; stronger than mouse-brain, but less offensive than fox dung
Newleaf Spring
Nofurs Another word for humans
One moon One month
Half-moon Two weeks
Quarter-moon One week
Rogue A potentially hostile cat who lives outside the Clans and never spends too long in one place
Sharing tongues Term used to describe cats grooming each other
Silverpelt The Milky Way
Sun-drown-place The sea to the west, where the sun sets
Sunhigh Noon
Thunderpath A road
Tree-eater Bulldozer
Twoleg nest A human house
Twolegplace A human town
Twolegs The Clans' word for humans
Upwalkers Another word for humans
Whitecough Mild chest infection