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Pulm Disease Exam 3

SPC Pulmonary Disease Exam 3 Ch. 23 Pneumothorax

What are the 2 classifications of Pneumothorax? Open & Closed
Define a Closed Pneumothorax? Gas in the pleura space is not in direct contact with the atmosphere
Define an Open Pneumothorax? Condition in which the pleural space is in direct contact with the atmosphere such that gas can move freely in and out.
Define Tension Pneumothorax? Pneumothorax in which the intrapleural pressure exceeds the intra-alveolar pressure.
3 forms of Pneumothorax? 1. Traumatic 2. Spontaneous 3. Iatrogenic
Traumatic Pneumothorax Penetrating wounds to the chest wall from knife, bullet, automobile accident, industrial accident.
What is a sucking chest wound? When traumatic pneumothorax occurs the pleural space is in direct contact with the atmosphere and gas can move into and out of the pleural cavity.
Sucking chest would be classified as what? Open Pneumothorax
Closed Pneumothorax is also known as what? Valvular
What is a closed tension pneumothorax? Gas enters pleural space during inspiration but can not leave during expiration because the partial pleura acts as a check valve.
Spontaneous Pneumothorax? When a Pneumothorax occurs suddenly w/o any obvious underlying cause. Secondary to certain underlying pathologic process like: pneumonia, COPD, & tuberculosis.
Spontaneous Pneumothorax occurs in what type of people? Tall/Thin people 15-35 years
A spontaneous pneumothorax may sometimes be cause by what? Small bleb or bulla on the surface of the lung
Iatrogenic Pneumothorax? Occurs during specific diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
What are the possible causes of an Iatrogenic Pneumothorax? 1. Pleura/Liver Biopsy 2. Thoracentesis 3. Intercostal Nerve Block 4. Cannulation of Subclavian vein 5. Tracheostomy 6. Thoracic Needle Biopsy
Iatrogenic is always a hazard during what? Mechanical Ventilation, especially with high tidal volumes and pressures. Common in COPD and HIV related ARDS
Clinical data at bedside with a pneumothorax? 1. Tachypnea 2. Hypoxemia 3. ^HR & ^BP w/ small pneumo 4. Cyanosis
Chest Assessment Findings of a pneumothorax? 1. Displaced heart sounds 2. Tracheal Shift 3. Diminished Breath Sounds 4. Hyperresonant percussion note
Pendelluft A paradoxical movement that during inspiration some of the "rebreathed dead space gas" may move back into the normal lung
As a result of a pendelluft the patient what? Hypoventilates
Thoracostomy Chest Tube In severe cases of pneumothorax where a chest tube attached to an underwater seal is inserted into the patients pleural cavity
A pneumothorax 15%-20% of cavity? Patient may need only bed rest or limited physical activity, reabsorption of gas occurs with in 30 days
A pneumothorax >20% Air should be evacuated.
Where should the chest tube be inserted? 2nd intercostal space/midclavicular line
Created by: Langhout1418