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Chapter 10

PSH Exam 2 Review

Using different groups of people who differ in the variable of interest but share other characteristics. Cross-Sectional Studies
Data is gathered for the same subjects repeatedly over a period of time. Attrition, cost, age. Longitudinal Studies
Environment agent that can influence an embryo or fetus. Teratogen
The germinal stage, the embryonic stage and the fetal stage. Prenatal Stages of Development
Stimulation to corners mouth. Causes infants to do a sucking motion for feeding. Infant Reflex: Rooting
"startle". When infant loses support of head. Reaches arms outward then inward in a hugging motion. Infant Reflex: Moro
Infant's palms. Grasp is remarkablely strong. Infant Reflex: Grasping
Birth to 2 years. Learn through senses. A not B error. Renee Baillargeon. Habituation Event=180 degree screen rotation. Possible Event= block stops rotating screen. Piaget Stages: Stage 1 Sensorimotor
2-7 years. Egocentrism= failure to take perspective of someone else. Conversation issues= contraption and irreversibility. Core knowledge hypothesis= infants have inborn abilities for understanding key aspects in environment. Piaget Stages: Stage 2 Preoperational
7-12 years. Conservation= decantation and reversibility. Class Inclusion= measure of child's mastery of structure of hierarchical classification. Piaget's Stages: Stage 3 Concrete Operational
12 to adulthood. Abstractions and analogies. Hypothesis testing. Inductive= scientific reasoning. Pendulum Task. Piaget's Stages: Stage 4 Formal Operational
Realization people can hold beliefs that are not true. Theory of Mind - False Belief
Cloth=no food, 17-18 hours of day. Wire=food. 1-2 hours of day. Contact comfort= innate pleasure derived from close contact. Harlow's Monkeys
Ainsworth. Mother leaves infant with stranger. Infant's attachment styles could be categorized to behavior.emotional responses to mother leaving and returning. Strange Situation Paradigm
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