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Phy Sci Unit C4

Classifying Matter

What is the study of energy and its effects on matter? physics
What is a change in a substance’s size, shape, or state of matter? Its identity does NOT change. physical change
What is the study of matter and how it changes due to energy? chemistry
What kind of property describes how a substance can change from one thing to another like in combustion or corrosion? chemical property
What kind of property can be observed without changing the identity of the material like shape or state of matter? physical property
When one substance has changed into a completely new substance, what has occurred? chemical change
What is anything that has mass and takes up space? matter
What is a heterogeneous mixture made of large particles that never settle out and will scatter light shined through it? colloid
What is a heterogeneous mixture containing a liquid in which visible particles are settled out? suspension
What substance has atoms that are all the same? It cannot be broken down by chemical reaction. element
What is a pure substance in which two or more elements are combined in a fixed proportion? It can be broken down by a chemical reaction. compound
What is a mixture of two or more gas, liquid, or solid substances blended evenly throughout so that it looks like it is just one thing? homogeneous
What is a mixture in which different materials can easily be seen? heterogeneous
Name 3 elements. copper, oxygen, gold, (anything from the periodic table
Name 2 compounds. calcium carbonate (CaCO3), sodium chloride (NaCl), H2O, CO2 (anything made of 2 elements)
Name 2 suspensions. pond water, jar of mud water, italian salad dressing
Name 2 solutions. tea, salt water,
Name 2 colloids. fog, milk
Name 3 physical changes. grinding salt in a salt grinder, ice cube melting, dissolving salt in water
Name 4 chemical changes. rusting nail, burning leaves, yogurt turning sour, water split into its two parts- hydrogen and oxygen.
Is salt water homogeneous or heterogeneous? homogeneous
Is a cherry pie homogeneous or heterogeneous? heterogeneous
Is an unopened bottle of lemonade homogeneous or heterogeneous? homogeneous
Is a piece of granite homogeneous or heterogeneous? heterogeneous
The shape of a piece of fruit is what kind of property? physical property
When a log is burned in a fire, what is created? Is this a chemical or physical change? ash is formed so a new substance is created - chemical change
What is another name for a homogeneous mixture of a solid in a liquid? solution
What results when two or more substances are combined so each substance can be separated by physical means? mixture
A colloid, a suspension, and a solution are examples of what? mixture
What are 6 examples of physical properties? -red in color -shines when polished -liquid at room temperature -density -texture -odor
A homemade dressing is made of vinegar, oil, and spices. Is it a colloid, a solution, or a suspension after shaking it? How do you know? It is a suspension because after being shaken and then having time to sit undisturbed, it will settle out again.
Explain the test that determines if there is hydrogen gas in the air. burning splint test there will be a pop or barks if there is hydrogen present
Explain the test that determines if there is oxygen gas in the air. glowing splint test flames will develop if there is oxygen present
Explain the test that determines if there is carbon dioxide gas in the air. burning splint test the flame on the splint will be smothered if there is carbon dioxide present
Explain how you know that something has undergone a physical change. There has been a physical change if a substance’s size, shape, or state of matter has changed.
Explain how you know that something has undergone a chemical change. There has been a chemical change if a substance changes to another substance. Signs are gas, color change, change in heat, light or electricity made...
chalk (CaCO3) compound
copper element
granite heterogeneous mixture
vinegar homogeneous mixture - solution
pond suspension - heterogeneous mixture
salt (NaCl) compound
gold element
lead element
A beam of light can be seen as it passes through what? colloid - heterogeneous mixture
In salt water, what do we call the salt solute
In salt water, what do we call the water solvent
A liquids resistance to flowing is called what viscosity
The ability for heat to flow through something is called what? conductivity
The ability of a material to be hammered into shape without breaking or shattering is called what? malleability
The temperature where a solid turns to a liquid melting point
The temperature where a liquid turns to a gas boiling point
The ratio of mass to volume or how compact the atoms are in a material density
The ability of a material to burn in the presence of oxygen flammability
A property that describes how readily a substance combines chemically with another substance reactivity
A metal like silver or copper combining with oxygen tarnishing
Iron combining with oxygen rusting
A liquid turning to a gas Evaporation
process that separates out liquids based on their different boiling points distillation
pouring one layer off of another layer decanting
process used to separate solids based on their size sifting or screening or sieving
process to separate solids from liquids filtering
Used to separate solids based on their weights chromatography
KNOW your symbols for the common elements From the list!!!
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