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Patient Care Midterm

In order to love onto greater needs (love, acceptance, self-actualization) what must first be met? Basic survival needs (air, food, water, sleep)
What is burnout? Emotional overload in response to chronic strain of dealing with constant demands and problems
What are the four steps to managing stress? 1 Identify stressor and steps symptoms. 2 Identify impacts. 3 Resolve. 4 Take action!
What are strategies to cope with change? 1 Acceptance. 2 Participation. 3 Learning. 4 Utilization. 5 Support/Assistance. 6 Negotiation
What are the six ethical principles? Beneficence, Nonmalificence, Veracity, Fidelity, Justice, Autonomy
What are the steps to carrying out ethical analysis? Clearly and specifically identify the problem. Develop alternate solutions. Select the best solution. Defend your selection
What are patient rights? Tangible and intangible entitlements which can and should be expected of health care professionals and the health care system
What are the six patient rights within healthcare? Considerate & Respectful Treatment, Information, Privacy, Consent, Treatment Refusal, Death With Dignity
What are the two types of consent? Implied (verbal, for low risk procedures) and informed (signed, for higher risk procedures)
What are the three different plan types in an ACP? Comfort, medical, and resuscitation
What's a tort? Personal injury or damage resulting in civil action or litigation to recoup damages incurred (intentional or unintentional)
What are the five intentional tort types? Assault, battery, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy, libel & slander
What's an unintentional tort? Neligence; the omission of reasonable care or caution resulting in loss or injury
Created by: Ewood61