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MHR 701 Career Mgt

MHR 701 Career Management deck

Traditional Career -Job security for loyalty -Bounded by few organizations -Uses organizational specific skills -Organization manages career
Boundaryless Career -Employability for performance -Can work for many organizations -Skills are transferable between organizations and industries -Individual responsible for managing career
Traditional Career Stages
Exploration Period A career stage that usually ends in the mid-twenties as one makes the transition from school to work.
Establishment Period A career stage in which one begins to search for work and finds a first job.
Mid-career Stage A career stage marked by continuous improvement in performance, leveling off in performance, or beginning deterioration of performance.
Plateaued Mid-career Stagnation in one's current job.
Late-career Stage A carrer stage in which individuals are no longer learning about their jobs nor expected to outdo levels of performance from previous years.
Decline/Late Stage The final stage in one's career, usually marked by retirement.
Holland Vocational Preferences Model Represents an individual occupational personality as it relates to vocational themes.
Realistic A Holland Vocational Preference. Physical hands on jobs. (mechanic)
Investigative A Holland Vocational Preference. Analytical thinkers. (science, medicine)
Artistic A Holland Vocational Preference. Creative. (photographer, actor)
Social A Holland Vocational Preference. Cooperative, supportive. (social worker, teacher)
Enterprising A Holland Vocational Preference. Competitive. (sales, politics)
Conventional A Holland Vocational Preference.
Schein Anchors Personal value clusters determine what is important to individuals. -technical-functional competence -managerial competence -security-stability -creativity -autonomy-independence
Steps in Generic Career Discussion 1. Introduce the Discussion 2. Get the employee's perspective 3. Share your views 4. Clarify next steps
Career Survival Guide -Dress to Impress -Ask Questions -Timing is Everything -Proofread every document -Show up for events -Be careful what you say -Always have your business card with you.
Created by: jdjonesosu
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