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MHR 701 Performance

MHR 701 Performance Career Mgt

Performance Management Definition -The means through which managers ensure that employees’ activities and outputs are congruent with the organization’s goals.
Performance Management Definition (functional) -The use of organizational systems, tools, procedures, etc. to help ensure a given organizational member is performing to his/her highest potential and level of effectiveness.
Performance Management Cycle 1. Setting Accountabilites 2. Developmental Review 3. Performance Review 4. Rewards
Accountabilites The strategic objectives of the organization, business, function, group, etc.
Method of Evaluation
Individual Ranking Ranking employees' performance from highest to lowest.
Group Order Ranking Ranking employees' performance by forced distribution. **GE top 10%/70%/20% high to low**
Graphic Rating Scales A performance appraisal method that lists traits and a range of performance for each. -ie. qualitative or quantitative 1 to 5 etc. (An appraisal method)
Critical Incidents A performance evaluation that focuses on key behaviors that differentiate between doing a job effectively or ineffectively. -asks open ended qurestions. (An appraisal method)
BARS- Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales A performance appraisal technique that generates critical incidents and develops behavioral dimensions of performance. The evaluator appraises behaviors rather than traits. (critical incident & graphic rating combo)
MBO- Management by Objectives A performance appraisal method that includes mutual objective setting and evaluation based on the attainment of the specific objectives. Think top down process map.
"Top Down" MBO Process Map
Leniency Error Performance appraisal distortion caused by evaluating employees against one's own value system. -Can be positive or negative (high vs. low rating) *A rating error*
Halo Error The tendency to let our assessment of an individual on one trait influence out evaluation of that person on other specific traits. *A rating error*
Similarity Error Evaluating employees based on the way an evaluator perceives himself or herself. "Is this person like me?" *A rating error*
Central Tendency The tendency of a rater to give average ratings. *A rating error*
Inflationary Pressures A rating error where rater exhibits low differentiation between the upper range of rating choices.
Inappropriate Substitutes Using a trait or behavior to rate an individual that does not fit a trait or behavior that is specific to the job. *A rating error*
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