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drug quiz 41-60

simvastatin zocor--anti-cholesterol myalgia take in the evening; do not take with grapefruit
azitthromycin zithromax---antibiotic hepatotoxic(poison the liver) report right upper quadrant pain
acetaminophen+hydrocodone vicodin--analgesic respiratory depression do not take if respirations are below 12
hydrocholorothiazide (HCTZ) esidrix,hydrodiuril,microzide--diuretic dehydration monitor BP
alprazolam xanax--anti-anxiety drowsiness caution with activities that require alertness; do not take with alcohol
albuterol inhalor proventil, ventolin HFA, Proair HFA--bronchodilator fast heart rate; nervousness limit caffeine products and smoking
potassium Micro-K, k-dur--electrolyte nausea/vomiting observe for signs and confusion symtoms of choloride
oxycodon+acetaminoophen percocet,tylox,endocet--analgesic respiration depression do not take if respirations are below 12
espomeprazole nexium--anti-ulcer diarrhea avoid alcohol other GI stimulantes; take 30 before eating
escitalopram lezapro--anti-depressant drowsiness do not take with alcohol
fluoxetine prozac,serafem--anti-depressant drowsiness caution with activities that require alertness
clonazepam Klonopin--anti-anxiety,anti-seizures drowsiness avoid alcohol, caution with activities that require alertness
linsinopril+HCTZ prinzide,zestoretic-- anti-hypertensive syncope avoid standing too fast; monitor BP
insulin glargine lantus--anti-diabetic hypoglycemia monitor blood sugars
isosorbide mononitrate imdur,ismo--anti-angina low BP stand slowly; check BP, pulse
folic acid folvite--vitamin flushing turn urine bright yellow
clonidine catapress--anti-hypertensive low BP, impotence (cant get an erection) monitor BP; rise slowly- ONLY transdermal BP patch
levofloxacin levaquin--antibiotic headache monitor temperature
fluconizole diflucan--anti-fungal headache check temperature
ezetimibe+simvastatin vytorin--anti-cholesterol/lipemic myalgia; liver damage take in the evenings; report pain to right upper abdomen