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PCS Creativity

Creativity Review

What are three safety items for the shop? safety glasses, no baggy clothes, no open shoes
What should you do before you make an adjustment to a machine? make sure it is off
When using radial saw, what should the stock be against? the fence
When using table saw, where should you adjust? 1/8" above stock
Name for one year's growth. annual ring
What is the thin piece of wood peeled or sliced off a log called? veneer
What is used to dry wood? kiln
What is an advantage of plain saw over quarter saw? more efficient, get more wood
What are two things involved with grading of lumber? species, number of defects
What type of wood are telephone poles and docks made of? cedar
What type of wood are basketball court floors made of? maple
What are the types of open grain wood? oak, ash, butternut, walnut
What are the types of soft wood? pine, cedar
What are the types of hardwood? maple, oak, cherry
What is the list of items to complete a project? Bill of Materials
What is the basic unit of measure? board foot
What is the surface area of a sheet of plywood? 32
What is used to remove warp from end or face? joiner
What is used to machine stock to exact thickness? planer
What part of joiner is adjusted to change depth of cut? infeed
What is the part of planer that is a roller to pull stock thru? infeed roller
What length of stock to go thru planer? 12"
What direction should stock be milled? with the grain
What is a slotted or clamping devise to hold bit called? collet
How is the size of a router determined? by horsepower
Created by: Ms.Sala