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Review 2: Outboard

Outboard Theory Review Questions (Stack #26211)

What is outboard gear? Equipment NOT built-in to the board that is designed to CONTROL or MODIFY our signal.
Name the 5 domains of outboard gear. Frequency Spatial Tonal Time Dynamics
Name the 3 devices used to change frequency. Tape Speed or Pitch Changes (VSO), Digital Pitch Changers (Pitch Shifters, Harmonizers), and Autocorrectors
To what domain do Autopanners and 3D Processors belong? Spatial
What do we call the place where all equipment's inputs are connected? The Patch Bay
To what domain does delay belong? Time
How do we generally measure delay time? In milliseconds and seconds
What parameter of delay adds an increased number of repeats? Feedback or Regeneration
Name 3 type of delay devices. Tape Analog Digital
Name 2 effects which are achieved by using very short, modulated delays. Flange and Chorus
What type of delay uses the distance between the record and repro heads to achieve delay? Tape delay
Name 4 means of achieving reverb. Acoustic Chamber or Echo Chamber, Plate, Spring, and Digital
What type of effect uses a room dedicated to producing reverb? Echo Chamber
What type of reverb uses a piece of sheet metal? Plate
What type of reverb uses complex formulas called algorithms? Digital
Which type of reverb uses a metal spring? Spring
What do we call the amount of time it takes reverb to drop by 60 dB? RT60, Reverb Time, or Reverb Delay
What reverb parameter delays the reverb? Pre-delay
To what domiain does reverb belong? Time
Name the 3 parameters of EQ. Boost/Cut Frequency Bandwidth or "Q"
What parameter isn't found on a semi- or quasi-parametric EQ? Bandwidth or "Q" (it's preset by the manufacturer)
What do we call a PASSIVE tone control? a Filter
What do we call an ACTIVE tone control? an EQ
To what domain do EQs and filters belong? Tonal
What type of EQ has all 3 parameters? Parametric EQ
What type of filter removes lows? Hi-pass (Low Cut)
What type of filter removes highs? Lo-pass (High Cut)
What type of EQ boosts or cuts a range of frequencies around a center frequency? Peaking EQ
What type of EQ affects all frquencies above or below the selected frequency equally? a Shelving EQ
What parameter of EQ determines the width of the frequency range being boosted or cut? Bandwidth or "Q"
What domain do compressors, limiters, expanders and gates belong to? the Dynamic domain
Which devices decrease dynamic range? Compressors and Limiters
What parameter is the level where dynamic devices are activated? Threshold
What parameter of a dynamic device determines how much its output changes compared to its input? Ratio
What is the difference between compression and limiting? Limiting is a ratio of 10:1 or more
What is a key or side chain input? It allows a signal other than the one being contolled to activate a gate or compressor.
Except for patch bays with outboard gear, is the top row usually an in or an out? an Out {the most important connections are always at the top}
What are the 4 types of patches? Normalled Half-Normalled Non-Normalled (Open) Parallel
Which type of patch mults or splits output connections but breaks inputs when patched? Half-normalled
Which type of patch breaks contacts on output AND input when patched? Normalled
Which type of patch has no internal connection between top and bottom connectors (must be patched)? Non-normalled
Created by: sticksmcfly