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drug quiz 21-40

ramipril altace- anti-hypertensive hypotension monitor BP; rise slowly to prevent dizziness
sildenafil viagra---sexual performance headache do not take with nitrate/nitroglycerin. can cause fatal hypotension
ezetimibe zeitia--anti-cholesterol/lipemic myalgia lower cholesterol diet, low fat diet
allopurinol zyloprim--anti-gout headache increase fluid intake
digoxin lanoxin,lanoxicaps,digitek--cardiotonic decreased heart rate do not give if pulse rate is below 60 bpm (this drug will decrease heart rate and stop heart), antidote digiband/atropine
amitriptyline elavil--anti-depressant drowsiness avoid use of alcohol and caution with operation of machine
prevastatin pravachol-- anticholesterol myalgia take in the evenings
naproxen aleve,naprosyn-- anti-inflammatory GI distress take with food or milk to avoid stomach distress
pantoprazole protonix--anti-ulcer flatulence may take with or w/o food; take 30 min prior to antacids
rosuvastatin crestor--anti-cholesterol myalgia take in the evenings
acetaminophen+proproxyphene darvocet,wygesic--anagesic respiratory depression monitor respirations
linsinopril prinivil,zestril--anti-hypertensive syncope avoid standing too fast
hydroxyzine atarax,vistaril--anti-emetic/histamine/pruretic drowsiness avoid activities that require alertness
pioglitazone actos--anti-diabetic hypoglycemia monitor blood sugars
glipizide glucotrol--anti-diabetic hypoglycemia monitor blood sugars
alendronate fosamax--bone reapsorption inhibitor GI distress remain upright 30 minutes after dose
fexofenadine allegra--anti-allergy drowsiness avoid activity that requires alertness
zolpidem ambien--anti-insomnia drowsiness avoid activity that requires alertness
levothyroxine synthroid--thyroid weight loss monitor weight
amoxicillin amoxil--antibiotic diarrhea check for allergy/"shake well"-suspension