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Social Unit 1 CH 1

a large area of flat land, often with grass plain
the pattern of a place's weather over time climate
an area with similar characterictics region
a resource that CAN be replaced like crops, livestock, water renewable resource
a line or natural feature that divides one area from another boundary
the things people make in order to produce products capital resources
an area that gets very little rain desert
how high a place is above sea level elevation
a deep valley with steep rocky sides canyon
the amount of rain or snow that falls precipitation
the amount of moisture in the air humidity
a large flat, raised area of land plateau
a small, flat raised area of land butte
to use something again recycle
a form of business industry
using the soil to raise crops or animals agriculture
something found in nature or in the environment people can use natural resource
what ocean is on the East Coast of the US Atlantic Ocean
What ocean is on the West Coast of the US Pacific Ocean
What large mountain range is in the Eastern United states Appalachian Mountains
What large mountain range is on West coast of the US stretching into Canada? Rocky Mountains
a natural feature on the earth's surface , like a mountain or lake landform
What region do we live in? Midwest
What country do we live in United States
What continent do we live on? North America
How many continents are in the world seven
What are the three things that affect the climate of an area? elevation, how close to the equator it is, how close to a large body of water it is
the imaginary line that circles the earth equator
the coldest climate polar climate
describe a temperate climate moderate, not to hot, not too cold
what is a tropical climate very warm all year
What are the two regions that touch the Atlantic Ocean Northeast and Southeast regions
What region touches the Pacific Ocean West
natural resources that have been changed so people can use them to make other products raw materials
a resource that cannot be replaced like gold, silver or natural gas nonrenewable resource
imaginary line that circles the earth halfway between the North and South poles, the warmest climates are nearest to this equator
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