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Non-contact forces

Which type of forces can act on objects from a distance? non-contact
Name 3 types of non-contact forces. gravitational, magnetic, electrical
Gravity is impact by.... mass and distance
Which measurement describes how much stuff is in an object? mass
Which measurement describes how much gravity is pulling on an object? weight
What happens to your weight if you change planets? It goes up or down based on the mass and gravity of the planet you are on.
Gravity ______________ with mass. increases
Gravity ______________ with distance. decreases
++ and -- (like) charges will _____________ each other repel
opposite charges _______________ each other attract
What two things impact electric force? amount of charge and distance
How do we draw electric fields? Using vector arrows
Negative charges have arrows that point towards the middle
Positive charges have arrows that point towards the outside
Force vector arrows represent strength and direction of the force
What is the name of a mineral that is naturally magnetic? magnetite
Permanent magnets are often made of iron, nickel , or cobalt
As time passes, what happens to permanent magnets? They can loose their strength
Temporary magnets are only magnetic when? When they are within a strong magnetic field.
What is an electromagnet? An iron core surrounded by a coil of wire that has electricity running through it.
Two magnets will repel when like poles are together
Two magnets will attract each other when opposite poles are together
A _________________ is the area around a magnet where the magnetic force works. magnetic field
A magnetic field is strongest at the ____________ of a magnet. ends
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