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raccogliere to gather, collect
suggellare to approve
cogliere to gather, pick
irradiare to beam, shine
sentirsele to have courage
cuocere to water cook
scompigliare to mess up
scoprire to discover
spingere to push
battere to beat
sciogliere to melt
esprimere to express
allagare to overflow
condurre a to lead
stringere to tighten
indignarsi to get angry
rendere to give back
nascondere to hide
rapire to kidnap
aver tenere to owe
ruzzolare to tumble
indagare to investigate
unire to unite
rimpiangere to regret for something not done or ended
pentirsi di to regret for something done
parere think
importarsene important to me
friggere to fry
profanare to desecrate
scendere to go down
eseguire to execute
coprire to cover
spegnere shut off
daespiare to pay for
capitolare to surrender
rivolgersi to apply, to refer
rivolgendersi to self-direct
abbassare to lower
piegare to bend
prendersela to be mad at something
aversela to be mad at someone
sporcare to make dirt
comporre to compose
sfociare to flow
accarezzare to pet
accorgersi to notice
gremire to fill, to overcrowd
attirare to attract
succhiare to suck
addolcire to sweeten
accorrere to hurry
stirare to iron, to strech
cadere to fall
condurre to lead
derivare da to derive from
disporre to set up
infocare to inflame
voltare to turn arrownd
andarsene to quit
abbassare to bring down
salire to go up
superare to get over, to pass
suscitare to provoke
osare to dare
elencare to list
pregare to pray
diffondere to diffuse, to spread
scoppiare to explowd, to break out
distendere to spread, to extand
svoltare to turn
sgomentare to frighten
incrociare to intersect, to cross
dipingere to draw
ridere to laugh
affollare to overcrowd
porre to place
cavarsela to manage
legarsela to point
assumere to employ
sacrare to dedicate
seppellire to bury
svilupere to develop
intenerire to soften
accorgersi to notice
rassegnare to risign oneself (lekabel et hadin)
spostare to shift, to move
scottare to burn (kitchen)
bruciare to burn (skin)
corregere to correct
frustrare to frustrate
penzolare to hang
Created by: hillanissim