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First 5 Body Systems

what is the difference between veins and arteries? _________ carries *oxygenated blood out of the heart, and _________ carry blood *without oxygen to the heart
what are the 3 different types of muscles: _____- The muscle that makes up the heart (involuntary) _____- Control body movement (voluntary) _____- The outer and inner layer of muscle that are involved in many different functions, like in the stomach (involuntary)
what is the main function of the circulatory system? carries oxygen from the lungs to all body cells and removes carbon from the cells
name and describe the structures of the respiratory system: ____- Creates sound ____- Goes from larynx to bronchial tubes ____- Allow oxygen to be taken into the body ____- Gas exchange of oxygen and Co2
which organelle is most like the digestive system? ______ is like the digestive system because it breaks down food
what is the main function of cartilage? the main function of ______ is to protect bones from fracturing
what group of organs belong to the skeletal system? bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons
what is the main function of the rib cage? to protect the lungs
heart muscles contract and relax, what is the most important effect of this action on the human body? the most important effect is that it makes the heart beat to pump blood throughout the body
what is the main function of the respritory system? to supply oxygen to inhale to the blood so we exhale the carbon
what do capillaries have in common with veins and arteries? carry blood to and from the heart and connect each other
list the three different types of muscles: cardiac- heart, smooth- walls of stomach, and skeletal- tendons
where would you find involuntary muscles? the heart, and the walls of the stomach
what do tendons do? connect muscles to bones
what is the main function of the respiratory system? to provide oxygen to the body
is blood an organ, a system, or a tissue? blood is a tissue
describe the differences in physical and chemical changes in digestion: ______: food is chewed and churned ______: breaks down large food molecules into smaller food molecules for cells to eat
name and describe the structures in the digestive system: mouth- breaks up food, esophagus- push food down, stomach- churns food, small intestine- breaks down food, large intestine- turns into solid waste
what is the main function of the skeletal system? the main job of ________ is to give support and structure to the body
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