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Assignment 2

Developmental Math Lab *Located in Technical Vocational Building, Math Lab T-1532 *Contact: In person, M-Th 8a-7:30p, F 8a-noon, Phone, 409- 933-8320, Email, kmcvey@com.edu *Offers: Walk-in tutorials, Computer access for online homework, Lessons on DVD, Online Tutor
Student Support/TrIO *Located in Student Center, SC-212 *Contact In person, M-T 8a-7p, W-F 8a-5p, Phone, 409-933- 8273 or 40-933-8525, Email, creyes@com.edu or compaian@com.edu *Offers: Ensure Equal Opportunity for all students, Registration assistance
Counseling *Located in Student Success Center *Contact: In person, Phone, 409-933-8520, Email, hbanks@com.edu, On Line, www.ulifeline.org/com *Offers: Counseling, Behavioral Intervention, Provides links to Community Resources, Disability services
Disabilities *Located in Enrollment Center, Rm 158 *Contact: In person, Phone, 409-933-8520 or 888-258-8859 x8520, Email, ckater@com.edu *Offers: Database & Disabilities Support Services, Accommodations, Pre-enrollment counseling, Scheduling
Student Life *Located in Student Success Ctr, Rm 116 *Contact: In person, M-F 1p-5p, Phone, 409-933-8641 Email, gbenefield1@com.edu *Offers: SGA & Clubs, Student Organizations, Student Government, Recreation Room, Rm 120, M-Th noon-4p
Career Services *Located in Student Success Center *Contact via Advisor *Offers: Free career assessment, Assistance with deciding on a major, Assistance finding summer job, employment after graduation, Online Career Cruising, , www. Careercruising.com
Advising *Located in Admissions Building *Contact: In person, Phone 409-933-8520, Email, dependent upon advisor contacting *Offers: Help choosing courses needed to reach goals, Assistance understanding core curriculum, Access to On Campus resources
Testing *Located in Enrollment Center, A-126 *Contact: In person, M 9a-7p, T 8:30a-7p, W-Th 9a-5p, F 8:30a-5p, Phone, 409-933-8676, Email, testingcenter@com.edu *Offers: Testing, Determine eligibility for certain programs, some certifications, For course placem
Student Financial Services *Located in Admissions Building, Rm *Contact: In person, Phone, 409-933-8244, Email, finaid@com.edu *Offers: Info on all financial aid programs available, Policies help with app process application process, Work Study programs
Fitness & Recreation *Located in Gymnasium *Contact: In Person, Phone, Front Desk 409-933-8422, Email, tcornelius@com.edu *Offers: Amenities, Info on Memberships, pricing, privileges features
Library *Located in Learning Resource Ctr *Contact: In person, Phone, 409-933-8471, Online, ask@com.libanswers.com *Offers: Com Library Guides, Lib answers, Face2Face Help, Databases, Books & Ebooks, Place to study, Wi-Fi, Library Lab & Tech help
Speaking, Reading & Writing Center *Located in Tech Vo-ed Building, TVB-1306 *Contact: In person, M-Th 730a-830p, F 730a-4p, Sat 9a-1p, Phone, 409-933-8702, Email, lhacker@com.edu *Offers: Help with any reading, writing or speaking process, Mobil Tutor, E-tutoring, Workshops
COM Police *Located mid-campus near parking lot E *Contact: In person, Phone Non-emergency 409-933-8403, Emergency 599 (from any campus phone) *Offers: Security escorts, Transportation asst for disabled, Emergency mssg delivery, Motorist Assistance, First Aid, Los
Child Development Education *Located in Lab school on campus *Contact:409-933-8391, Email, araumaker@com.edu *Offers: Day and Evening Childcare, Infant to Preschool ages
Created by: hmclaughlin1