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Module 45

Antisocial Relations

What is prejudice? an unjustifiable (and usually negative) attitude toward a group and its members
What is a stereotype? a generalized (sometimes accurate but often overgeneralized) belief about a group of people
What is discrimination? unjustifiable negative behavior toward a group and its members
What is just-world phenomenon? a manifestation of the commonly held belief that good is rewarded and evil is punished
What phenomenon leads one to the logic "If I am rewarded, I must be good"? the just-world phenomenon
What is the ingroup? the people and groups with whom we share a common identity
What is the outgroup? the people and groups that are excluded from our ingroup
What is ingroup bias? the tendency to favor our own group
What is scapegoat theory? proposes that prejudice provides an outlet for anger by finding someone to blame
What is the other-race effect? our tendency to recall the faces of our own race more accurately than those of other races
What is aggression? any physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt or destroy
What is the frustration-aggression principle? states that aggression is triggered when people become angry because their efforts to achieve a goal have been blocked
What is a social script? a culturally specific model of how to behave in various situations
Students at State University are convinced that their school is better than any other; this most directly illustrates what? an ingroup bias
Alexis believe that all male athletes are self-centered and sexist. Her beliefs are an example of what? stereotypes
Violent criminals often have diminished activity in the _______ of the brain, which play(s) an important role in _________. frontal lobes; controlling impulses
Research studies have found a positive correlation between aggressive tendencies in animals and levels of what hormone? testosterone
Why are people with power and status likely to become prejudiced? they tend to justify the social inequalities between themselves and others