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Quality Control

RDTC 213 Physics

__ is the measure of how much light is transmitted through film, how dark a film gets? Optical Density (OD)
Optical Density - 0.5 is Light or Dark? Light
Optical Density - 3.5 is Light or Dark? Dark
__ is the basic tool showing how dark film is for various amounts of exposure? Characteristic Curve
__ is the study of a film's response to exposure & development? Sensitometry
QC includes Acceptance Testing, Maintenance, Periodic Performance Evals, Error Correction, & Documentation (T/F)? True
QC is required by ACR, MQSA, and JRCERT (T/F)? False - Joint Commision, MQSA, ACR
3 Goals of QC - 1. Accurate & Timely __ ? 1. Accurate & Timely DIAGNOSIS
3 Goals of QC - 2. Minimize __ ? 2. Minimize RADIATION EXPOSURE
3 Goals of QC - 3. Minimize __ ? 3. Minimize COST to Patient & Community
Checking indicators, locks, cables, light intensity, hand switch placement are examples of what type of QC? Visual Inspection
Verifying that generator allowed techniques are allowed by the tube rating chart is what type of QC? Overload Protection
kVp Accuracy allows what % of variance in a set? ±5%
Mammography kVp Accuracy must be within what range? ±1 kVp
In general, Timer Accuracy must be within what range? Except under __ ? ±5% , Except under 10 ms
Antiquated tool for testing Timer? Only works with what type of generators? Spinning Top, Single Phase
1/10 sec set on a HWR Single Phase machine should see how many dots? 6 dots (HWR = 60 pulses/sec, 1/10 x 60)
1/10 sec set on a FWR Single Phase machine should see how many dots? 12 dots (FWR = 120 pulses/sec, 1/10 x 120)
__ Timer Test, motor runs __ revolution/sec Synchronous Motor, 1 rev/sec
Formula for degrees of arc on Synchronous Motor Timer? Time Set x 360 (ex. 1/10 x 360 = 36° of arc)
Legal requirement for Half Value Layer? HVL ≥ 2.5 mm Al equiv at 80 kVp
__ tests efficiency of tube Filtration? Fundamental way to protect patients. Half Value Layer
HVL is mAs dependent (T/F)? False - kVp dependent
No filtration = 60 mR, +3 mm = .03 R, did this HVL test pass or fail? Pass - 3 ≥ 2.5 and .03 = 1/2 of 60
__ is a QC test for generator output & consistency? Exposure Linearity & Reproducibility
What creates the current in a Radiation Meter? Ionization (Free electrons)
Acceptable range for Reproducibility output variance? ±5%
Steps to calculate Reproducibility Range 1. Avrg the output values, 2. Avrg + 5%, 3. Avrg - 5%
If all but 1 number are within calculated Reproducibility Range, the test PASSES (T/F)? False - ALL must be in range
Acceptable range for LINEARITY output variance? ±10% mA/mAs
Steps to calculate mA Linearity? 1. Avrg the output values, 2. Avrg +10%, 3. Avrg - 10%
This QC test can also be used as a Timer test? mAs Linearity
mR/mAs Linearity calculations should be Consistent as long as __ & __ do Not change? kVp & distance
Grid Alignment test tool tests Alignment by off-centering to the grid, intentionally causing __ ? Grid cut off
Grid Alignment test tool, the END dots should have the MOST exposure (T/F)? False - Center most, Ends least
2 tests of RESOLUTION Resolution (bar) pattern & lp/mm Resolution tool
These 3 tests utilize geometry to measure Actual Focal Spot Size? Star phantom, Pin hole camera, Slit camera
__is the organization that sets manufacturing standards applied to focal spot size? National Electrical Manufacturer's Assoc (NEMA)
NEMA Tolerance for fs < 1.0 mm +50%
NEMA Tolerance for fs 1.0>2.0 mm +40%
NEMA Tolerance for fs >2.0 mm +30%
An Additional .7 multiplier is applied to the WIDTH of the fs before NEMA Tolerance is applied (T/F)? False - Length x.7
Thickness tracking, kVp tracking, Minimum response time, & Backup timer are QC tests for __ ? AEC
Formula for Repeat Rates (# Repeats/# Total) x 100
3 ways to address concerns in Repeat Rate data Inservicing, Individual Development, Equipment Investigation
Max Tabletop entrance dose for Fluoro? 10 R/min
Max dose for Fluoro in Boost? 20 R/min
Stabilized dose into "average" pt in Fluoro? 3-5 R/min
__ is the amount of energy (xray/light) reaching a particular area of the film & producing a specific Optical Density? Exposure
Optical Density Formula OD = log₁₀ (Intensity IN/Int OUT)
log₁₀1 0
log₁₀10 1.0
log₁₀100 2.0
log₁₀1000 3.0
Two exposures, one __ the other, will be separated by __ on the Log Exposure scale? Twice, 0.3
On the Characteristic Curve, a curve to the LEFT will be __ with more __ for the same exposure? Left = Faster, more Density
On the Characteristic Curve, a FLATTER slope will have (more/less) contrast? Flat = LESS Contrast
In film, less contrast or "flatter" slope has (high/low) exposure latitude? Less Contrast = HIGH Exp Latitude
__ is the range of techniques that produce an acceptable film density? Exposure Latitude
(High/Low) Contrast curves allow for a Broader range of exposure? Low Contrast
On the Characteristic Curve, a STEEPER slope will have (more/less) contrast? Steep = MORE Contrast
Digital IR curves tend to be LINEAR or flat w low contrast, high latitude (True/False)? True
log of any 2 #s that are HALF, difference will ALWAYS be .3 (True/False)? True
↑ Contrast = __ Exp Latitude ↑ Contrast = ↓ Lat
↓ Contrast = __ Exp Latitude ↓ Contrast = ↑ Lat (wider)
Created by: RadTechTKD