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Free Student Resources

Resource NameDetails
Developmental Math Lab Tutoring, Workshops and Net tutor Site available. Contact: kmcvey@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409)933-8320.
Student Support Service and TRIO Regular assistance with tutoring, mentoring, workshops, financial aid apps, graduate preparation and lap top lending available. Contact: creyes@com.edu or rarenas@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8273 or (409) 933-8270
Counseling Provided for goals, problems, studying, communicating, behavior intervention, team incident reporting, disabilities and early academic alert program. Contact: hbankston@com.edu or ckater@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8520 or (409) 933-8524
Career Services Job postings from local businesses, internship postings, on campus recruiting and interviewing, and resume referrals to direct hire employees. Contact: mvaldes@com.edu or hbankston@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8520 or (409) 933-8124
Services for Students with Disabilities Resources available to enroll and complete work or degree plan, services and/or accommodations for any needed equipment. Contact: hbankston@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8520
Student Life Provide connection with others with same interests, variety of clubs to join. Contact: tcornelius@com.edu or kdrake@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8421 or (409) 933-8180
Advisory Provide tools for deciding on degree, employment after graduation or during the summer, and Careercruising.com website is available to help achieve. Contact: mvables@com.edu or hbankston@com.com via email or by phone at:(409) 933-8124 or (409) 933-8520
Testing Center Provides testing for all required tests for students and various websites to help prepare for test. Contact: testingcenter@com.edu via email or by phone at: 1-888-258-8859 or (409) 933-8676 or by fax at: (409) 933-8101
Student financial Services Provide assistance in applying for scholarships, grants, loans child care assistance, work study, and jobs for those who do not qualify for work study. Contact: finaid@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8274 or fax at: (409) 933-8015
Fitness & Recreation Provides gym facilities, dry sauna, trace and trail, racquet ball courts, Keiser spin room, Rip 60 suspension, lockers, community memberships to the amenities, Soccer & basketball camps, tournaments, sport clubs. Contact: tcornelius@com.edu via email
Library Provide articles, E books, books, supplies, electronics, streaming media, Library lab with printers and computers. Contact: asklibrary@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8471
Speaking, Reading & Writing Center Provide a mobile tutor, online tutoring, workshops, E tutoring, Center has computers, reference materials, workspace, soundproof speaking booths and lecterns. Contact: ihacker@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8702
COM Police Provide security for the facilities, students, and faculty 24 hours 7 days a week, regular patrol of parking lots. Contact: campuspa@com.edu via email or by phone at (409) 933-8403, emergency # 599.
Child Development Education Provides a lab school for infants, toddler and preschool children and evening child care, offers the Perkins Grant for those that qualify to assist in paying for childcare. Contact: araumaker@com.edu via email or by phone at: (409) 933-8391
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