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Vocab 1B


scuttled [v] scurried
draggled [adj] wet and dirty
cowered [v] shrank back
gait [n] manor of movement
sluice [n] drain
singed [v] burned
valiant [adj] brave or courageous
demise [n] death
genial [adj] friendly
menace [n] threat
amiable [adj] friendly
bobbed [v] moved up and down
pulverize [v] pound
absurd [adj] silly
feint [n] fake
shambling [adj] shuffling
meager [adj] few(a small amount)
indictment [n] a legal document changing a person with an offence
alleviate [v] to make more bearable
obdurate [adj] hard hearted; stubborn
commute [v] change the penalty to a lower one
composed [adj] calm
deterred [v] prevented
pillaged [v] thoroughly robbed
carnage [v] great slaughter
sacked [v] stripped of valuables
retort [n] reply
assailed [v] violently attacked
summoned [v] sent for
repulsed [v] pushed away
persisted [v] firmly continued
detained [v] delayed
desultory [adj] random
procured [v] obtained
furtively [adv] secretly
infested [adj] overrun
Created by: TwilightSparks