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FIN path qs 2

pathology final questions

Why might a clot not affect the tissue? if the tissue is avascular, or the clot developed slowly
Characteristic of anaphylaxis shock and urticaria
The significance of hemorrhage depends on what? volume, rate and location of blood loss
Most common location for a peptic ulcer lesser curvature
The most common abnormality found on an UGI hiatal hernia
Causes for tracheoesophageal fistulas congenital malformations, infection, trauma, and cancer.
An “apple core lesions” is indicative of what? colon cancer
Causes of mechanical small bowel obstruction gallstones, intussception, and hernia
What percent of gallstones cases occur as a result of a blocked cystic duct? 95%
Osteitis deformans alternate name Paget’s disease
Pathology beginning as an abscess spreading down the medullary cavity bacterial myelitis
“bamboo spine” ankylosing spndylitis
Name the 4 most common primary tumors of bone metastases breast, kidney, thyroid, prostate
“marble bones” is osteopetrosis
What fat pad is associated with a fracture on a lateral elbow? posterior
Compression fractures of the L-spine are often associated with what pathology? osteoporosis
“stress fracture” is also termed: fatigue
Comminuted fracture fracture composed of 2+ bone fragments
What type of injury causes a spiral fracture? torsion
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