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FIN path qs revrsibl

reversible pathology final questions

Pathology appearing as a cleft or indentation of the pars interarticularis spondylosysis
Herniation of the meninges and a portion of the spinal cord: myelomeningocele
Multiple fractures in various stages of healing SNAT
Widespread malignancy of bone marrow affecting flat bones multiple myeloma
Inflammatory disease affecting the joints of the hands and feet rheumatoid arthritis
Jefferson fracture anterior subluxation of C2 over C3
Monteggia fracture isolated fx of the ulnar shaft w/ anterior dislocation of the radius at the elbow
Benign cartilaginous tumor endochondroma
Empyema presence of pus or fluid in the pleura space
Inflammation spreading from the bronchi and spreading to the alveoli bronchopneumonia
Fluid in the pleural space with blunting is indicative of pleural effusion
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