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FIN path qs revrsibl

reversible pathology questions for final

The accumulaton of abnormal amounts of fluid between cells or in body cavities edema
The diffuse spread of cancers that occurs when neoplasms invade a body cavity seeding
A localized area of ischemic necrosis in an organ or tissue infarction
A loss in uniformity and structure of individual cells dysplasia
Term for the assessment of the aggressiveness of a tumor grading
A large subcutaneous hematoma could be: purpura
Syndrome cluster of findings that characterize a specific abnormality
Interruption in blood supply to a tissue: ischemia
Malignant neoplasms of epithelial cell origin carcinoma
Hyperplasia increased cell proliferation in response to demand for increased function
Number of people who have any given disease at any given time prevalence
Tumor which closely resembles the tissue of origin benign
Immunity created by the administration of performed antibodies from an animal passive immunity
Sequence of events that renders a disease apparent pathogenesis
Ultrasound useful for vascular structures, stones, clots, plaques, and emboli
PET can be used to detect strokes and epileptic seizures
Nuclear med gamma camera with sodium iodide crystals detect radiation emitted from the patient
CT shows radiographic differentiation of various soft tissue structures
Pneumoperitoneum free air in the peritoneal cavity
Esophageal diverticula at the level of the carina resulting in infection of the mediastinal lymph nodes traction
A chronic inflammatory bowel disorder characterized by skip lesions and string sign on x-ray Crohn’s
Functional obstruction of the distal esophagus with proximal dilation achalasia
Adynamic ileus presence of gas and fluid in dilated loops of bowel
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