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religion prep work

religion prep work for 1st sesmester

the way teachings of Jesus
Inspiration divine guidance and influence
Revelation all that God makes known to save us
Pentecost the birthday of the church and day the Holy Spirit came to the apostles
Messianism the Messsiah, Jesus Christ and is the Hebrew word for annoited one
Incarnation God taking human form in Jesus
Martyr someone who witnesses to Jesus through death
Chi-Rho it was the symbol that was on constintens flag and it stood for the frist and last letters of christ's name
Deposit of faith all of the truths of our faith revealed by God.
House Church church in a private home.
Monotheistic belief in one God.
Polytheistic belief in many Gods.
Rosary a string of beads used to count groups of prayers.
Epistle letters written to the early church.
Oral tradition teachings of Jesus and the apostles by spoken words.
Infancy narrative the story of Jesus's brith
Heresy a false teaching that rejects a truth revealed by God and taught by the church.
Ecumenical effort to unite all christians.
Acts of the Apostles book of the Bible believed to be a continuation of Luke. First years of the Church from Jerusalem to Rome.
Apostolic succession beliefs from the apostles.
Persecution cruel treatment because of relgious beliefs.
Deacon men chosen to minister to the needs of the community.
Edict of Milan ended the persicution of christians
Epistle letters int the Bible written by Paul to the early church.
Apostasy renunciation of a religious faith
Conversion change of heart.
Liturgical year the church year which revolves around the life of Christ.
Canonization when a person becomes a saint.
Saint people who have lived ememplary lives and the Church declares worthy of honor.Their goodness and holiness have been witnessed by others.
Beatification when a person receives the name "Blessed".
Advent begins the liturgical year with the first Sunday to December 25 and it last four weeks
Prophet a person who interperts, receives, or tells of God's will.
Purgatory state of purification for those who died and are not ready to see God face-to-face.
Communion of Saints all members of the Church on earth, in heaven, and in purgatory.
Salvation History the story of God's relationship with his people or scripture.
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