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World Religions

Judaism Sacred Writings Torah and Hebrew Bible
Christianity Sacred Writings Bible - Includes the Old and New Testaments
Islam Sacred Writings Quran, Koran
Judaism Beliefs One God and Founder was Abraham
A belief that observes 10 commandments and believe the Messiah will come.. Judaism Beliefs
Christianity Beliefs Jesus is the Messaih and Jesus is the Son of God
Trace roots back to Abraham and Observe the 10 commendments Christianity Beliefs
Islam Beliefs Muhammad was the final prophet who received messages from God. 5 Pillars of Faith
What is the 5 Pillars of Faith for Islam Beliefs Declare belief in one God Pray 5 times a day give charity to the poor fast during Ramadan Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca
Judaism Architecture Temple (Synagogue)
Christianity Architecture Church or Cathedral
Islam Architecture Mosque
Judaism Holidays/Events Yam Kappur - Holiest day of fasting, prayer, and looking back on the year.
Christianity Holidays/Events Christmas - day of Jesus Birth and Easter - day of Jesus resurrection
Islam Holidays/Events Ramadan - Holy month of fasting from sun up to sundown.
Religion Systems of beliefs, value, or practices based on the teaching of a spiritual leader (s) or natural elements
Monotheistic Belief and worship of one God.
Polytheistic Belief and worship of Many Gods
Non-theistic Worship of No God (s)
Where did Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all originate from Start? In the middle east
Where can Judaism, Christianity, and Islam be found today All over the world
What has helped Judaism, Christianity, and Islam sustain (Keep it going) their religions over thousands of years? Architecture (places to worship_ Education (Holy Book, classes, worship) Tradition (Holy day, ceremonies)
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