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Welsh idioms

ail law second hand
ar ben all over, finished
ar ben ei gilydd on top of each other / crammed in
ar ei ben ei hun on his own
ar gael available
arllwys y glaw pouring rain
ar y blaen in front, ahead
ar bob cyfrif certainly
ar bigau’r drain on tenterhooks, on edge
ar ei golled worse off, losing out
a’i wynt yn ei ddwrn out of breath
bob amser all the time
cael ei weld to be seen
codi ofn ar to frighten someone
cyn bo hir soon
crynu yn ei sgidiau shaking in his/her boots
dal ati to keep at something
ddim hanner call mad!! not all there
dro ar ôl tro time after time
20. dysgu ar gof to learn off by heart
dweud y drefn wrth to tell them off
gair am air word for word
gorau po gynta sooner the better
gwell hwyr na hwyrach better late than never
gwenu o glust i glust smiling from ear to ear
gwneud ei orau glas to do his very best
gwneud y tro to make do
hen bryd it’s about time
o ddrwg i waeth from bad to worse
mae hi ar ben it’s all over
mae hi wedi canu arna i I’m done for
mae hiraeth arno / arni he’s/she’s longing / yearning for
mae’n dda ganddo/i fo/hi he’s/she’s glad
man a man might as well
o’r golwg out of sight
pwyso a mesur to weigh up / to consider carefully
rhag ofn just in case
rhoi’r gorau i to give it up
uchel ei gloch loud-mouthed
wrth ei fodd delighted/in his element
unwaith ac am byth once and for all
yn awr ac yn y man now and then
yma ac acw here and there
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