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adv img for fin

advanced imaging final 1 old quiz Qs

T/F, imaging plates need to be erased weekly? False
Imaging sequence of an indirect DR system x-ray to light, light amplified, light to a digital signal by the ADC
Window width controls: contrast
Transmission protocol that creates, stores, prints, and forwards image data to PACS DICOM
A CR laser recognizing tissue densities is representative of a: histogram
Histogram range with 8 bit depth 0-255
When the PSP in scanned in a raster pattern, what color light is released? blue
T/F, in mammo the AEC is above the IR? false
T/F, multi slice CT scanners belong to the 6th generation CT scanners ? false
Why is the X-ray tube tilted in mammo? for a sm. Focal spot, to penetrate near the chest wall, uniform exposure of the II
What filter is used in mammo for thicker breast tissue? rhodium
CT value for air? -1000
What % of ESE is Dg? 15%
Advantage of compression in mammo? immobilization
In mammo screen cleanliness is evaluated how often? weekly
Total tube filtration for mammo .5 mm al eq.
Created by: annaluz87