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A Dog's life WPE

Story Vocabulary

predator (noun) An animal that lives by hunting other animals for food. Lions, sharks, and hawks are predators.
investigate (verb) If you investigate something, such as a crime, you find out as much as possible about it.
consider (ver) 1. to think about something carefully before deciding what to do. 2. To believe that something is true. Ex: Shelly considers school to be a waste of time. 3. To take something into account. Ex: We must consider Danny's feelings.
abandon (verb) 1. To leave forever 2. to give up
wary (adjective) Cautious and careful ex: Danny is always very wary of dogs.
scramble (verb) 1. to climb over rocks or hills 2. to rush or struggle to get somewhere or something. Ex: Jessica scrambled to get to the front row. 3. to mix up or mix together. Ex: Scramble the letters in the game. 4. to alter an electronic signal so that it requires s
emerge (verb) If you emerge from somewhere, you come out into the open.
haunch (noun) The hip, buttock, and upper thigh of an animal or person.
menace (noun) A threat or a danger. Ex: Drunk drivers are a menace to everyone else on the road.
rabid (adjective) 1. Affected with rabies, an often fatal disease that can affect humans, dogs, bats, and other warm-blooded animals. Rabies is caused by a virus that attacks the brain and spinal cord and is spread by the bite of an infected animal. 2. Extremely violent 3.
retreat (verb) To move back or withdraw from a difficult situation Ex: the enemy retreated into the woods.
venture (verb) To put yourself at risk by doing something daring or dangerous. Ex: The explorers ventured cautiously into the dense jungle.
desperate (adjective) 1. If you are desperate, you will do anything to change your situation. 2. Dangerous or difficult, as in a desperate act.
asphalt (noun) A black, warlike substance that is mixed with sand and gravel and then rolled flat to make roads.
independent (adjective) Free from control of other people or things. Ex: The colonists wanted to be independent of England.
scrounge (verb) 1. To get things from people without paying. Ex: Can I scrounge a sandwich from you? 2. To get or collect things with difficulty. Ex: He scrounged up enough money to pay for lunch.
stalk (verb) To hunt or track a person or an animal in quiet, secret way. Ex: The leopard stalked its prey.
vicious (adjective) 1. Cruel and mean, as in vicious lies 2. Evil or wicked, as in a vicious crime 3. Fierce or dangerous, as in a vicious dog.
contraption (noun) A strange or odd device or machine
instinct (noun) Behavior that is natural rather than learned. Ex: Ducks swim by instinct.
Created by: Twest1525
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