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you use your hand to send something through the air with force throw: ném
Use need this when you play soccer or tennis ball: banh
sad # happy: Vui
a simple figure of a person that children make from snow snowman: Người tuyết
a painting or drawing picture: tranh
You wear these around your hands when It is cold to keep them warm. gloves: bao tay
to bring something or someone from one place to another carry: mang, vác
You use this to keep your clothes while traveling suitcase: va li
You use this to carry your books when you go to school backpack = rucksack: ba lô
You use this to go from the first floor to the second floor stairs: cầu thang bộ
bicycle = bike: xe đạp
a car/ a bus/ a truck drive: lái
a bike/ a horse/ a motorbike ride: lái
a plane/ a kite fly: bay
You keep something in your hand hold
You hand this in front of your house on Independence day flag
win won-won
tell told-told
in good health fit
a football competition a football match
This is the place in your house where you sleep bedroom
This is the place in your house where you watch TV and welcome your friends living room
This is the place in your house where you cook food kitchen
This is the place in your house where you plant flowers garden
open # close/shut
to use your ears to... listen
How is the weather today? What's the weather like today?
giống như là to be +like
What's wrong? What's the matter?
It's ok Never mind = It doesn't matter.
movie theater = cinema
buy - bought - bought
daisy, rose, lily flower
one time once
60 seconds minute
stop working and take a sleep rest
spend (time, money) spent-spent
throw threw-thrown: ném
fly flew-flown
feeling or showing anger, yell at someone, can't control yourself angry: giận dữ
60 minutes hour: giờ
(something) which is the smallest or the smallest amount that exists, is possible at least: ít nhất
this is where you go to swim swimming pool/ pool: hồ bơi
Created by: vitran
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