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Diag Pro Unit 2

SPC Diagnostic Procedures Unit 2 Exam 1

What are the 2 types of spirometry? Direct and Indirect
What is direct spirometry? Measures exact volumes a patient can breath in and out of their lungs.
What is indirect spirometry? Used to measure volumes not exhaled by the patient. RV, FRC, and TLC
If SVC is more than FVC what is likely? Suffering from an obstructive disease
(T/F) Indirect Spirometry are not patient dependent? True
What are the two approaches to indirect spirometry? Gas Dilution & Body Plethysmography
What is open circuit nitrogen washout? Measures the percentage of nitrogen (N2) in the alveolar gas after a patient breathes 100% oxygen for 7 minutes.
With nitrogen washout the test ends when nitrogen levels are less than what percent? 1%
What is significant with open circuit nitrogen washout? 1. Special care taken with COPD takes longer to washout 2. Extra care for CO2 retainers 3. Test stops in nitrogen in increased indicating a leak
What indicates a successful nitrogen washout? 1. Graph shows a steady decrease in alveolar nitrogen 2. Test ends once below 1% 3. Washout times are appropriate 3-4min for a healthy person
Helium Dilution Test source for errors? 1. Patient intolerance 2. Leaks 3. Slow lung units increase equilibrium time 4. non-communicating lung make for underestimated FRC
If a patient takes long to reach equilibrium at the end of the test this indicates what? Emphysema of other obstructive disease
Helium Dilution Test source for success? 1. No leaks 2. Rebreathing pattern regular 3. He equilibrium curve shows a smooth and regular fall of He concentration 4. Multiple measure of FRC agree with in 10%
What is significant of Plethysmography? 1. Used to determine FRC 2. Measures air trapping in obstructed airways 3. Measures all the gas in the patients chest 4. By knowing both pressures and initial volume, it can calculate the 2nd volume, which is the FRC
What are the most significant volumes for interpreting pulmonary disorders? VC, FRC, RV, TLC
Indirect Spirometry provides most accurate determination of what? FRC
What are the restrictive lung pattern causes? 1. Space occupying abnormalities with in the thorax 2. Loss of lung volume 3. Decreased lung compliance 4. Chest wall deformities
A true example of both restrictive and obstructive lung disease is what? Severe Kyphoscoliosis with Asthma
What is Air Trapping? Air trapping increases the residual volume (RV) and decreases in the vital capacity (VC). But the total lung capacity (TLC) remains relatively constant.
What is Hyperinflation? Hyperinflation increases the residual volume (RV) but there is little or no change in the vital capacity (VC). This causes an increase in the total lung capacity (TLC) in direct proportion to the increase in the residual volume (RV)
Created by: Langhout1418
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