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Orchestra Final

Sempre Always
Top number Number of beats in a measure
Common time 4 beats per measure
Chronically I'll patients Music therapist
Forte Loud
Sul tasto Over the fingerboard
Ostinato Reccuring rhythmic figure
Tutti All play
Crescendo Gradually get louder
Staccato With space
Marcato Marked, accented notes (hammered)
> represents Accent
Musicologist Knows extensive history of music
Legato Smooth, long
Cantabile Like a singer (not song form)
Divisi Parts are divided
J.S. Bach Baroque period
Andante Walking speed
Mozart Classical period
Arco With the bow
DC al fine Go to the beginning (capo) to the end (fine)
Da capo Go to the beginning
Spiccato Bouncing bow
Accelerando Gradually speed up
mp Medium soft
Dal segno To the sign
p Soft
Conductor Know different clefs, transposition, steady beat
Marked ritardando Slowing down
1 dotted quarter plus half note does not equal 3/4
Pizzicato Pluck the string
Bottom number of time signature Type of note equal to one beat
Sfz Heavy accent
Morendo Dying away
Con sordino With mute on
Allegro Fast
Dot after a note Increase value by half of itself
Half steps in major scale between: 3-4 and 7-8
Largo Slow
Ponticello Play near the bridge
Presto Very fast
Arpeggio 1,3,5,8
Pickup note direction Up bow (usually)
Terraced dynamics Baroque period (Forte and piano due to bad bows)
Wagner and Puccini Romantic Period
First note of a scale Tonic
Pesante Heavy accents on each note
Enharmonic notes Notes that have different names but the same sound
Hague's favorite drink Coffee
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