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test 1 meds

pharm test 1 meds

aspirin salicylate
Naproxen nsaid
ibuprofen nsaid
diclofenac nsaid
indomethacin nsaid
meloxicam nsaid
ketoralac nsaid
celecoxib nsaid 2 gen
acetaminophen acetaminophen
methotrexage DMARDS
hydromorphone narcotic agonist
hydrocodone narcotic agonist
fentanyl narcotic agonist
codeine narcotic agonist
tramadol narcotic agonist
oxycodone narcotic agonist
morphine narcotic agonist
methadone narcotic agonist
meperidine narcotic agonist
butorphanol narcotic agonist-antagonist
pentazocine narcotic agonist-antagonist
naloxone narcotic antagonist
metronidazole antiprotozoal
penicillin penicillin
piperacillin tazobactam penicillin
cefazolin (ancef) cephalosporins 1st gen
cephalexin (keflex) cephalosporins 1st gen
cefaclor cephalosporins 2nd gen
ceftriaxone cephalosporins 3rd gen
cefeprimem cephalosporins 4th gen
ceftaroline cephalosporins 4th gen
ertapenem carbapenems
merapenem carbapenems
ketocanazole antifungal agents
fluconazole antifungal agents
micafungin antifungal agents
nystatin antifungal agents
amphotericin B antifungal agents
tetracycline tetracycline
doycycline tetracycline
erythromycin macrolides
azithromycin macrolides
gentamicin aminoglycosides
tobramycin aminoglycosides
neomycin aminoglycosides
amikacin aminoglycosides
streptomycin aminoglycosides
sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim sulfonamides
sulfa drugs sulfanmides
ciprofloxacin fluoroquinolones
moxifioxacin fluoroquinolones
levoflaxacin fluoroquinolones
Created by: Miccimouse