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Mental Health 2017

What is the difference between introvert and extrovert? an introvert is shy and keeps to themselves while an extrovert is outgoing
What is the definition of socialization? passing along culture through teaching religion, traditions, and ways of behaving
What is the definition of stereotyping? Give two examples. stereotyping is having expectations of society because of their ethnicity or gender group Ex: Popular's and Jock's
What is the definition of conditioning? rewards and punishments
Why should you avoid stereotyping? You should avoid stereotypes because they aren't always true and they can be hurtful
List the 5 stages of the Grieving Process 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. bargaining 4. depression 5. acceptance
What hormone is released during stress? Adrenaline
What causes a Psychosomatic illness? stress
What are 2 examples of a strong personality? goal setting and decision making skills
What are 2 examples of a weak personality? self centered and minimal self control
Why do we use defense mechanisms? to cope with stress
What are the three stages of the stress response? 1. Alarm 2. Resistance 3. Exhaustion
What are examples of a Psychosomatic illness? heart problems, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, headaches, digestive problems
What are warning signs of depression? hopelessness, empty mood, lots of sleep, loss of interest
What is the difference between Eustress and Distress? Eustress is positive and distress in negative
What is the difference between obsession and infatuation? an obsession is a compulsive fixation on a person and a infatuation is an intense feeling towards someone
What is the definition of personality? a mix of how you feel, think, and behave that makes you different from everyone else
What are examples of constructive ways to deal with anger? write down your feelings, talk to someone, do NOT ignore it, punch a pilllow
derm skin
pod foot
im not
micro small
mater mother
sub under/ below
post after/ behind
bio life
card heart
dent tooth
Rationalization making excuses or justifying your behavior
Idealization copying someone you think highly of because you have insecurities about who you are
Regression reacting to emotions in a childlike manner
Denial refusing to accept reality
Projection seeing your own faults or feelings in someone else
Repression blocking out painful thoughts or feelings
Created by: Autumn5
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