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Unit One Cells

Study Guide

Cell Membrane Regulates what comes in and out of the cell
Cytoplasm A jelly-like material that is always moving and it helps other organelles
Nucleus The control center fro the whole cell; contains DNA
Ribosome Make protein
Vacuole It's a storage place; water is held here
Lysosome Gets rid of waste
ER (Rough and Smooth) Transports molecules
Mitochondria Power house of the cell; cell respiration occurs in here
Golgi Bodies Sorts and processes proteins
Eukaryotes Have no membrane bound organelles
Prokaryotes Have membrane bound organelles
CTOSO Levels of organization; cells,tissue,organs,organ sytem, and organisms
Cells Are the basic unit of life EX: skin cells, blood cells, and muscle cells
Tissue Group of cells that form tissue to work and perform a job EX: connective cells, nervous tissue, muscle, and epithelial tissue
Organs Two or more tissues working together to perform a function EX: heart, stomach, brain, lungs, and bones
Organ System A group of organs working together to perform a function EX: digestive system, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system
Organisms Living things performing life processes by itself EX: human, dog, cat any thing that is living it is an organism
Osmosis When water goes from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
Diffusion The movement of particles of high concentration to low concentration
Passive Transport When particles travel form and area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
Active Transport When particles travel from an area of low concentration to an area of concentration to high concentration
Endocytosis Occurs when a particles is too large to pass through the cell a vesicle is formed to pass it into the cell.
Exosytosis The process to remove a large particle from the cell using a vesicle
Equilibrium Equal on both sides of the membrane
Photosynthesis Process by which producers use light energy to make glucose from carbon dioxide and water; oxygen is given off; occurs in the chloroplast EX: Water + Carbon dioxide+ Light Energy = Oxygen and Glucose
Cell Respiration Occurs in consumers and producers where the mitochondria break down food to release stored energy; Gives off
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