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Study guide for PTA exam

Arterial insufficiency ulcers Wounds resulting from inadequate circulation of oxygenated blood, located lower third of leg,web space, with smooth edges, lack granulation, tend to be deep, severe pain, thin and shiny, hair loss, yellow nails, and leg elevation increases pain.
Venous insufficiency ulcers Wounds due to poor functioning of the venous system, which leads to poor circulation and tissue death. Located proximal to medial malleolus,mild/moderate pain, with increase edema, flaking, dry skin, brownish discoloration, leg elevation decrease pain
Pressure ulcers (decubitus ulcers) Wounds due to prolong pressure on the skin over bony prominence which leads to localized ischemia and tissue necrosis.
Neuropathic ulcers Wounds that are found of the planter surface of the foot, often under the metatarsal heads often due to neuropathy and ischemia. No pain is reported due to lack of sensation.
Hydrocolloids Used for partial and full thickness wounds.
Created by: candaced