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FTEP Phase II Test

Statute for Affray 870.01
Statute for Arson 806.01
Statute for Assault 784.011
Statute for Agg. Assault 784.021
Statute for Battery 784.03
Statute for Agg. Battery 784.045
Statute for Breach of Peace/Disorderly Conduct 877.03
Statute for Burglary 810.02
Statute for C.C.W. 790.01
Statute for Criminal Mischief 806.13
Statute for Disorderly Intoxication 856.11
Statute for Open House Party 856.15
Statute for Loiterring/Prowling 856.021
Statute for Theft/Grand Theft/Petit Theft 812.014
Statute for Retail Theft 812.015
Statute for Stalking/Agg. Stalking 784.048
Statute for Trespass in a Structure/Conveyance 810.08
Statute for Trespass on Property 810.09
Statute for Robbery 812.13
Statute for Shooting Into or Throwing Deadly Missiles Into Dwelling, Public or Private Buildings, Occupied or Not, Vessels, Aircraft, Buses, Railroad Cars, Streetcars, or Other Vehicles 790.19
-Point of Entry/Exit-Scene Processed-Location Information-Attachments-Evidence-Additional Charges-Insurance Burglary Report Format
-M.O.-#,Race,Sex-Weapons-Disguise(s)-Suspect Vehicle-Scene Processed-Evidence Obtained-Video Tape/Trap Camera-Victim Robbery Report Format
-Battery-Violation of Injunction (Domestic)-Retail/Farm Theft-Criminal Mischief-Arrest Related to Traffic Accident-Transit Fare Evasion-C.C.W.-Trespass-Disorderly Conduct on Premises of Establishment-Theft of Personal Property 10 of the 17 Misdemeanor Exceptions
-Contributing to the Delinquency/Dependency of a Minor-Trespass on School Grounds-Domestic Violence-Stalking-Poss. of Firearms/Ammo in viol. of a D.V. Injunction-Poss. of more than 20g of Cannabis-Viol. of Injunction (Repeat Violence) 7 of 17 Misdemeanor Exceptions
Presence is what level? Level 1
Verbal is what level? Level 2
Passive Physical is what level? Level 3
Active Physical is what level? Level 4
Aggressive Physical is what level? Level 5
Aggravated Physical is what level? Level 6
How many grams of marijuana constitute a felony? <20g
Felony cases are sent to __? Circuit Court
Munitions which can be fired, launched or otherwise propelled for the purpose of encouraging compliance, overcoming resistance or preventing serious injury without posing a significant potential of causing death. Less Lethal Impact Projectiles
Theft of $200.00 of building materials from a construction site is a __? Grand Theft in the 3rd Degree
Taking mondy from a vending machine after prying it open is __? Tampering with a Vending Machine (Misd. 2nd Degree)
Misdemeanor:-Assault-Battery (except Domestic)-Criminal Mischief-Trespassing-Petit Theft (except shoplifting)all may be issued a __? Referral Notice
How much damage value is necessary for felony criminal mischief? $1000.00
-Incident Report-Charging Affidavit-Statement-Property Form (if needed) are all paperwork necessary for what? Filing on an Adult for a Felony
Knowledge of facts & circumstances based on reasonable trustworthy info. sufficient to warrant a prudent man/woman to believe that the suspect had committed an offense. Probable Cause
-Treason-Murder-Manslaughter-Sexual Batt.-Carjacking-Home Invasion-Robbery-Burglary-Arson-Kidnapping-Agg. Assault/Battery/Stalking-Aircraft Piracy-Unlawful Throwing, Placing/Discharging or a Destructive Device/Bomb 15 Forcible Felonies
-Burglaries-Homicides-Sexual Batt.-Robbery-Agg. Assault/Battery-Lewd/Lacivious acts on a Child all should have what form? M.O. Worksheet
-Assault/Battery (except Domestic)-Criminal Mischief-Trespass-Petit Theft (except Retail Theft)all may be issued a __? NOTE: Subject must be identified by name, address, and D.O.B. Referral Notice
-Crimes Against Persons-Victim/Suspect Confrontation-Witness/Suspect Confrontation-Victim/Witness live out of area-If the Supervisor Directs this should be filed out? Sworn Statement
In a -Sexual Batt.-Agg. Child Abust-Agg. Stalking-Harassment-Agg. Battery-Domestic-False Imprisonment/Kidnapping-Lewd & Lacivious Act on Child all should have a ___ form filed? Victim Confidentiality Form
-Interview Stance-Presence are what level response? Level 1-Presence
-Touch-Verbal Direction-Dialogue are what level response? Level 2-Communication
-REACT-Pain Compliance-Take Downs-Transporters-Chemical Agent-Restraint Devices are what level response? Level 3-Physical Control
-Intermediate Weapons-ECW are what level response? Level 4
-Incapacitation is what level response? Level 5
-Deadly is what level response? Level 6
An amendment to the State Mental Health Act submitted by Senator Baker; The act allows a LEO, Physician or the Court to place a person believed to be mentally ill into a receiving facility for examination. Baker Act
Provides the victim of a crime with the means to indicate an unwillingness to pursue criminal charges reported to the Sheriff's Office, and to relieve the Sheriff's Office of any responsibility for further investigation. Declination of Intent
A written request for a Report Review or the State Attorney's Office asking for additional information in reference to a case filed by a Deputy. Tasking Sheet
-Consentual-Investigatory-Arrest are all kinds of what? Citizen Encounters
No physical harm; subject is there, on the scene, with accompanying suspicious activity. Presence
No physical harm; subject may verbally refuse to comply with a deputy's requests or attempts to control the situation. The subject may threaten the deputy with further resistance of the subject may not verbally respond to the deputy. Verbal Resistance
Slight physical harm: a sub. physically refuses to comply/respond to a deputy's commands. He/she does not make any attempt to physically defeat the actions of the deputy, but forces the deputy to employ phys. maneuvers/the chemical agent to est. control Passive Physical Resistance
Slight to mod. physical harm: a subj. makes physically evasive movements to defeat a deputy's attempt at control. Maybe in the form of bracing/tensing, push/pull away or not allowing deputy close. Active Physical Resistance
Moderate physical harm: a subj. makes overt, hostile, attacking movements which may cause injury, but are not likely to cause death/great bodily harm to the deputy/others. Aggressive Physical Resistance
Great bodily harm: a subject makes overt, hostile, attacking movements with or without a weapon with the apparent ability to cause death/great bodily harm to the deputy or others. Aggravated Physical Resistance
A device designed to deliver a controlled amount of electrical current to subdue a suspect. R.E.A.C.T.
Response levels 3-6 may or will require what form to be completed? Use of Defensive Tactics/K-9/Firearm Form
What is always required for response levels 3-6? Incident Report
-Size-Ability-D.T. Experience-# of Deputies Present-Immediate Reaction-Weapons/Restraint Devices Available-Legal Requirements-Agency Policy-Environment are all what? Deputy Factors
-Seriousness of Crime-Size of Subject-Age of Subject-Weight of Subject-# of Suspects Present-Weapons-History of Violence-Presence of Victims-Subject be Recaptured-Destruction of Evidence are all what? Subject Factors
Created by: scramer01
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