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North America Vocab

Advanced World Geography

uses sprinkler systens on rotating wheels Center Pivot irrigation
area where people of many cultures settled multi cultural region
urban area along u.s. eastern seaboard megalopolis
canal for carrying water aqueduct
political and emotional support for ones region over nation regionalism
farming on large modern farms agribusiness
to dig or clean out a river to make it deeper dredge
crest of rockies divides north america into eastern and western flowing directions contentintal divide
administrative unit of a city borough
narrow arm attached to larger region panhandle
swampy forest area, frozen except in summer muskeg
deression after major eruption and or collapse of volcanic mountains caldera
law making body parliament
trees after originals have been removed 2nd growth forest
soil and rock are striped away to get coal strip mining
strong dry wind from rockies to the great plains chinook
prevents erosion after mining land reclamation
rocks along glacier ice sheets moraine
soft coal bituminous coal
north of the corn belt, dairy farming dairy belt
hard coal anthracite coal
low land area where boats can be carried portage
raw material for manufacturing fertilizers potash
speckled, hard, crystaline rock formed deep in earths crust granite
midwestern u.s. from ohio to iowa, raising corn corn belt
great plains, wheat farming is the major economic activity wheat belt
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