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Intro to Rad Ch. 9

What does Ionizing mean? Removal of electrons from it's orbit
What are the 2 basic sources of ionizing radiation exposure? Natural and human-made
What is natural ionizing radiation? Background sources occurring spontaneously in nature and are not affected by human activity (Sun, Radon)
What is human-made ionizing radiation? Artificial sources (X-ray)
What must be present for X-ray production? Source for electrons, means to rapidly accelerate electrons, something to rapidly stop movement, and a vacuum
What is the positive side of the X-ray tube? Anode which is the side where the X-ray is produced
What is the negative side of the X-ray tube? Cathode which is where the focusing cup shoots the electron beam
When was X-ray invented? By whom? Nov. 8th, 1895 by Roentgen
What is the target on the X-ray tube? Tungsten anode is used because of high atomic number; can withstand high heat
Classic coherent scatter? Energy levels below 10 KeV; nothing in, nothing out
Photoelectric interaction? 69 KeV of energy needed; photon strikes an inner shell electron, causing it's ejection from orbit with the complete absorption of the photon's energy; patient exposure
Compton scatter? Higher energy photon strikes a loosely bound outer electron, removing it from it's shell, and the remaining energy is released; occupational worker exposure
Pair production? 1.02 MeV of energy needed; producing 2 oppositely charged particles, a positron and negatron; opposite direction
Photodisintegration? 10 MeV of energy needed; directly to the nucleus of the atom, causing excitement, followed by the emission of a nuclear fragment (nothing left)
What is a linear non-threshold? Even at 0, theres still a response
Least radioresistant= Most radiosensitive
Does a women have to declare pregnancy as a occupational worker? No
What is the equivalent monthly dose limit for embryo-fetal exposure? 0.5 mSv or 0.05 rem
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