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Chapt 38/39

Dental film, processing, etc.

Concept of radiation protection that all exposures should be kept as low as reasonably achievable ALARA Concept
The positive electrode in the xray tube Anode
The basic unit of matter Atom
The negative electrode in the x-ray tube. Cathode
X-rays at the center of the beam Central ray
Differences in degrees of blackness on a radiograph Contrast
The portion of the x-ray unit that contains the master switch, the indicator light, the selector buttons, and the exposure button. Control Panel
The overall darkness and blackness of a radiograph Density
The process of making radiographs of the teeth and adjacent structures by exposure to radiographs. Dental radiography
Change in the size of an image on a radiograph caused by incorrect vertical angulation Distortion
The amount of energy absorbed by tissues Dose (of radiation)
A negatively charged particle in the atom. Electron
The ability to do work Energy
Flexible arm that is attached to the x-ray tube Extension Arm
Effects of radiation that are passed on to future generations through genetic cells Genetic Effects
An electrically charged particle Ion
Process by which electrons are removed from atoms, causing the harmful effects of radiation in humans Ionization
Radiation that produces ionization, resulting in harmful effects Ionizing Radiation
Highest voltage of radiograph tube used during a radiograph exposure Kilovoltage Peak
Time between exposure to ionizing radiation and appearance of symptoms Latent Period
Device used to protect the reproductive and blood-forming tissues from scatter radiation. Lead Apron
the proportional enlargement of a radiograph image Magnification
Components of control panel Master Switch, Indicator Light, Selector Buttons, Exposure Button
Anything that occupies space and has form or shape Matter
One one-thousandth (1/1000) of an ampere, a unit of measurement used to describe the intensity of an electrical current Milliampere
the blurred or indistinct area that surrounds the image Penumbra
A minute (tiny) bundle of pure energy that has no weight or mass. Photon
The most penetrating beam produced at the target of the anode. Primary Beam
Same as primary beam Primary Radiation
Forms of waves of energy emission through space or material Radiation
Image produced on photosensitive film by exposing the film to radiation and then processing it. Radiograph
the science or study of radiation as used in medicine radiology
A form of secondary radiation that occurs when an x-ray beam has been deflected from its path by interaction with matter Scatter Radiation
X-radiation that is created when the primary beam interacts with matter. Secondary Radiation
A measure of how well the radiograph reproduces the fine details or outlines of an object Sharpness
Effects of radiation that cause illness and are responsible for poor health but are not passed on to offspring Somatic Effects
A flexible lead shield that is placed securely around the neck Thyroid Collar
The part of the x-ray unit that contains the x-ray tube, the high-voltage and low-voltage transformers, and insulating oil Tubehead
A focal spot in the anode Tungsten Target
High-energy ionizing electromagnetic radiation X-radiation
Device that automates all film processing steps Automatic Processor
Assists in the positioning of the position indicator device (PID) Beam Alignment Device
Radiographic view that shows the crowns of both arches on one film Bitewing
Common type of phosphor Calcium Tungstate
Holder for extraoral films during exposure Cassette
Shows the bony and soft tissue areas of the facial profile Cephalometric Film
Film designed for use in film duplicating machines Duplicating film
A coating on the x-ray film that contains energy-sensitive crystals Emulsion
Film designed for use in cassettes Extraoral Film
Device used to convert x-ray energy into visible light, which in turn exposes screen film Intensifying Screen
Film designed for placement in the patient's mouth Intraoral Film
Colored side of the film that faces the tongue Label Side
The invisible image on the x-ray film after exposure but before processing Latent Image
Radiographic view that shows large areas of the maxilla or mandible Occlusal
Provides a wide view of the upper and lower jaws. Panoramic Film
A series of steps that change exposed film into a radiograph. The steps include developing, rinsing, fixing, washing and drying Processing
Image produced on photosensitive film by exposing the film to radiation and then processing it. Radiograph
Solid white side of the film that faces the x-ray tube. Tube Side
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