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PRT110 - Ch1&2 - Q&A

Covers the rest of CH1 (beyond terms- see TERMS stack)

What are ways Process Technitcians can reduce the impact of shift work? Establish as regular a schedule as possible Create a day-sleeping environemnt Take naps when possible Avoid stimulants, alcohol and caffeine Eat only light snacks in the 2 to 6 am/pm period Compensate for Lower awareness
Companies investigation what four elements of an accident? -accident itself (e.g., the vessel leaked) -immediate causes (e.g., the alarm was faulty) -contributing causes (e.g., the worker didnt understand the procedure) -results of the accident (e.g., a vapor cloud was released & a person died as a result)
What does the acronym N.E.P.A. stand for? National Environmental Policy Act
The _____ Act "sets limits on how much a pollutant can be in the air anywhere in the United States." EPA Clean Air
True/False:Performing good safety tasks and sanitation is one way to maintain a safe work environment FALSE: Instead of the false word "safety" the correct word is "Housekeeping"
True/false: an illness is an unplanned, uncontrolled situation that results in injury to a worker or damage to equipment or facilities FALSE
Which gov. agency was created to "establish & enforce workplace safety and health standards, conduct workplace inspections and propose penalties for noncompliance, and investigate serious workplace incidents?" OSHA
What does the acronym P.E.L. stand for? Permissible Exposure Limit
What does the acronym T.W.A. stand for? Time Weighted Average
What is the primary air pollutant in the United States? Carbon monoxide
What is the most common route of entry a hazardous substance can take to enter a body? inhalation
True/false: Acute/chronic refers to the location where an effect occurs FALSE. Acute/chronic refers to the timing of effects
Which is more lethal? Something with an LD50 (mg/kg) of 150 or 1? LD 1- it takes less of a substance to kill you
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