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1st Vocab 7a

Strict Tight
Sum Highest
Restrict To keep something within fixed limits
Stricture An unfair or too harsh limit or restriction or a strongly critical remark
Summit The highest point or top of something or a meeting between two heads of governments
Summary A shortened version of something that has been said or written - Containing only the main points
Summons A written order to somebody to appear in court to answer a complaint; A written order to a witness or juror to appear in court
Supervised To be in charge of something or someone; To manage
Abode A home; A place where someone lives
Oration A speech, especially one in public for a special occasion
Perturbed To bother or disturb greatly
Implores To ask or beg
Negligent Being careless
Hospitable Being nice or generous to visitors or guests.
Sequel Something that comes after something else
Inundated To overwhelm with too much of something
Dismal Causing sadness or gloom
Acknowledge To admit that something is real or true; To express that you know someone or something
Agitated To disturb either physically or emotionally
Intensifies To make or become more concentrated
Dismantles To take apart
Reprimand To scold in a very strong or serious way
Created by: HeilSatan
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